The Vermillions are androids through which Admiral Fukyama communicates.


Early Life

The Vermillions are androgynous androids that were created and work for Division 3. They all appear as mustached females with black hair in a bowl cut. They have no memories and only store data. Admiral Fukyama communicates to and through the Vermillion, never speaking themselves. The Admiral also uses the Vermillion to carry out orders. [1] No one knows how many Vermillion there are, but they are a prominent feature of Division 3's headquarters. [2]

Hunt for the Shadow King

After Amahl Farouk was purged from David Haller's mind and escaped by taking possession of Oliver Bird, Summerland joined forces with Division 3 to stop Farouk from finding his original body.

Powers and abilities



Season 2

Season 3


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