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Just promise me if we get lost, we get lost together.
— Sydney[src]

Sydney "Syd" Barrett is a mutant with the power to temporarily switch bodies with others. She was admitted to Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital with the diagnosis of anti-social personality disorder. [1] There, she met David Haller and fell in love with him, the two eventually joining Summerland in the fight against Division 3.


Early life[]

Sydney was born to Joan Barrett and she grew up in the city. She and her mother lived on the 31st floor of an apartment building. Her mother was famously smart and wrote several essays. She was famous in several circles and often had parties which she called salons.

Sydney had several step dads. Men would often come to her mother's salons looking to control her but Syd's mom was never controlled.

Sydney first had sex when she was 16. Her mom was dating a journalist at the time, and Syd and the journalist had a flirtation. When her mom had passed out on the couch, Syd heard the journalist taking a shower. Using her ability, Sydney switched bodies with her mom and entered the bathroom where the journalist was and they had sex. Unfortunately, Syd did not have control over the body swap and she changed back when he was inside of her. Her mom then arrived and Syd recalled there being lots of screaming that followed. Her mom thought that the journalist was taking sexual advantage of Syd and called the police.

Some time later, before Syd was admitted to Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital, her mother died from cancer.

Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital[]

Sydney was admitted to Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital under the care of Dr. Kissinger for anti-social personality disorder, where she caught the eye of fellow patient David Haller. The two became romantically involved, though because of the nature of Sydney's power, she and David were unable to make physical contact with each other. [2]

On the day that she was to be released from Clockworks, David kissed her against her will, causing Sydney's power to make them trade places. In David's body, Sydney began to freak out from all the telepathic voices in her mind. This triggered David's psychic powers, and her lack of control over them resulted in Sydney trapping all the patients at Clockworks within their rooms, making the doors disappear as well. In doing so, David's friend Lenny Busker was killed from only being partially phased through the wall. [2] During what would become known as the Clockworks incident, Sydney saw the Devil with the Yellow Eyes appear just before everyone became trapped in their rooms.

Ptonomy Wallace, Kerry Loudermilk, and Melanie Bird then arrived in search of the mutant responsible for the incident. Believing Syd was David Haller (as the body swap had not worn off yet), they took her back to Summerland, a mutant safe haven. However in the car her body was returned to her, surprising the Summerland mutants.

Back at Summerland, Melanie and Ptonomy helped Sydney learn control her powers as well as go back through her past showing and help her understand it. Syd thought this process was tedious and all she wanted to do was to find David. Eventually, she learned about her power enough that she was allowed into the field. It was at this time she also learned that David was being held captive by Division 3, a government agency and enemy of Summerland. Melanie then formed a rescue party to save David consisting Ptonomy, Kerry, Rudy, Melanie and other mutants. With Ptonomy's aid, Syd was transported into David's memories to inform him of their resuce mission. She tells him to slide out of his chair and into the water of the pool where he's being held. When he sees the lights go under the water and not to come up for air until he sees Syd.

The Summerland mutants then combust all of the people in the room and Syd, Ptonomy, and Kerry save David. Syd introduces David to Ptonomy and Kerry. David then apologized for running from them before as he had no idea what their intentions were with him. Ptonomy accepted his apology since they liked chasing after people but Kerry corrected him by saying that they liked capturing people. With Melanie awaiting their return, the four of them headed out into the gun fire between Summerland and Division 3. They were joined by Rudy, who laid down cover as Kerry, Sydney, and Ptonomy took out the gun men that charged towards them. They headed down the steps, and reunited with Melanie at the shore. [2]

Assessing David[]

When David arrives at Summerland he collapses into Cary Loudermilk's arms. The high concentration of powerful mutants in one place was making David sick and confining him to a be while hundreds of voices yelled and spoke in his head. Melanie sat next to him explaining that David's "symptoms" of schizophrenia were actually his mutant powers, specifically telepathy. She taught David how to use his telepathy allowing him to finally gain some peace from the voices. Syd was in the room while all of this occurred. After Melanie left Sydney went to David to see how he was doing.

The next day David and Syd go see Melanie and Ptonomy about beginning David's memory work. Sydney stands by while Melanie, Ptonomy, and David all go into David's memories to see that every instance of mental illness was just his powers and also gain a better understanding of what triggers them. However things don't go well and David wakes up in a panic. Sydney tries to calm him by reminding him it's all a memory and none of its real but this has little affect on David as he begins clawing at the walls screaming to get out. Ptonomy puts him to sleep.

That evening Sydney finds David outside sitting on a swing and joins him. David then confides in Syd that he doesn't believe the memory work is helping. Syd tells him that she felt the same way when she began memory work. All she wanted to do was find David but it did help and David should give it time. Syd then changes the subject to her experience as being David. She says that everything in the dayroom was extremely loud and something else was there. She then apologizes for accidentally killing Lenny. David tells her it wasn't her fault. Syd continues saying that both Summerland and Division 3 heard it when she used his powers and Summerland took her thinking she was David. David then expresses his desire to hug Syd and she replies that they can't. Suggests they hold hands but Sydney reveals that it's extremely uncomfortable for her even with the gloves. The closer she gets to someone the stronger an anxious feeling grows. She described it as similar to being covered in ants. David then scoots away from her and says they're having a romance of the mind to try and make her feel better. Sydney likes this. 

The next day Melanie, Ptonomy, and David continue the memory work. Sydney sits in the same room as them to provide David comfort but does not go into his memory. David once again wakes up scared.  

After the session Syd tries to learn from Melanie about what occurred in the memory work but is unable to. She then talks to David admitting she spoke with Melanie but she wouldn't tell Syd what happened. David brushes it off as kid stuff. Syd expresses her concern that David isn't happy at Summerland but David reassures her it is as long as they're safe. He then reads Syd's thoughts that she'd protect him if they weren't.  

In an MRI machine David uses his powers and sees Amy being kidnapped by Division 3. David prepared to leave the others and rescue Amy, but Syd catches him in the elevator and persuades him to stay and further develop his powers through the memory work. David is concerned that Division 3 will kill his sister but Sydney assures him they won't because she is the bait. [3]

The next day, Sydney finds David and brings him to Ptonomy and Melanie for memory work. David tells Dr. Bird about his sister, who decides that memory work had to be accelerated. Ptonomy explains that they'll be focusing on the big events which is the stuff that scares David the most. He then says a that he was able to find the kitchen memory they were unable to see yesterday.  Sydney stays in the room to give David some comfort but does not go into the memory. Suddenly Syd finds herself alone in the room as David had teleported Ptonomy and Melanie and himself 600ft away and into the main building of Summerland.

After the failed memory work, David takes some time to himself and sits on a dock. Sydney soon joins him and they begin sharing facts about their childhoods. Syd tells David about how she lived in the city and of her mom’s salons. David tells about how he lived in the country.  Sydney thinks living in the country would be nice because of the lack of people. David then shares about his experience being in her body. He also admits to feeling her breasts and using the bathroom. Sydney says that it’s okay because she masturbated in his body, but she was only joking. In all seriousness, Syd tells David that it is okay because she no longer thinks of her body as her own. David says that’s sad but Sydney replies that if anyone can come and go then it’s not really her body. However in all the bodies she’s been in Syd’s still herself and it’s the soul that matters.

Later, David and Syd go to Dr. Cary Loudermilk’s lab. Later, Dr. Loudermilk hooked David up to a few electrodes in an attempt to model his brainwaves and take hormone readings. Syd tells David that if he needs anything she'll be in the next room watching before blowing a kiss to him and leaving with Cary and Kerry. Cary then asks David to think of something stressful. After a while Cary asks David through the intercom if everything is okay however David does not respond but the speech center of his brain is active. In actuality David believes he's responding but Amahl Farouk is playing a mind trick on him. The Shadow King's words upset David and trigger his powers. David then causes the glass to crack, and a malfunction to occur. Syd then enters the room to help him but instead David teleports/astrally projects both himself and Sydney to the cell where Amy is being held. They watch Amy being terrorized by Division 3, with Brubaker telling her about her brother's powers and tried to coerce Amy into helping them find David and "turn him off". Suddenly, Walter notices them and reaches for the spectral David and Syd. Fortunately, the pair vanished and materialize in the middle of the lake.

The two tell Melanie, Cary, and Ptonomy what they had seen. Melanie tells David that he cannot go back to Division 3 but David proposes that if he was able to take Syd there then he could bring Amy back. Melanie tells him he cannot because this time he surprised Division 3 and next time they’ll be ready for him. If he goes back, Division 3 will either kill him or follow him back to Summerland and kill everyone. Sydney points out that Melanie seems to know Walter.  Melanie explains that Summerland used to be a horse ranch until it was inherited by her husband, Oliver, in the 40s. Oliver, Cary, and Melanie built Summerland and then went looking for mutants. One of the first mutants they found was Walter but he only wanted to cause destruction and pain. Walter was then exiled from Summerland. Syd asks if Oliver is dead but Melanie does not respond.

She tells David that his brain seems to be defending itself, refusing to allow them access to certain memories. Melanie also expresses her concern that the memory work is only making things worse. Syd accuses her of giving up on David but she elaborates that she isn't giving up on him because he's to important.  Syd then accuses Melanie of wanting to use David but Melanie continues to clarify that she wants to fix him because he deserves to be healthy and happy and then she wants to use him to win the war. To combat the resistance they're facing, Melanie suggests that David be sedated temporarily so she could have unfiltered access to his mind so get a better understanding of his powers. Syd declares that she's going into his memories too. Melanie and David both object to this. David tells her that he's worried about what may happen to Sydney in his memories. However Syd tells him that she'll be fine as it was her who rescued him from a pool surrounded by agents with guns. David tells her that it's part of his therapy and so he needs to do this alone.

The night before the sedation Sydney finds David in the bathroom, hiding. David elaborates that he was not a good person before they met. He lied. He stole. He was high all the time. David was worried that after seeing his past, Sydney would no longer love him. Syd says that she loves him and because of that there was nothing else to say.

The following morning Syd, Ptonomy, and Melanie all enter David's mind. The sedation kept David's rational mind from entering the memory landscape, and so he manifested as a young boy. Since Syd's powers did not work outside the physical world, David and Syd were able to embrace for the first time. As they progress through the memory the group finds themselves watching David rob Dr. Poole.

However soon things turn for the worse. First Sydney notices the room shaking as though caused by heavy footsteps. Next she sees flashes of David eating recording tape. Syd points both of these things out to Ptonomy and Melanie but neither notice these things. Finally a red crack appears in one of the office's walls and long fingered hands attempt to claw their way out. This understandably unsettles Syd and demands that they have to go. Ptonomy and Melanie are not aware of what is occurring but agree to Sydeney's pleas. But when Ptonomy attempts to exit the memory he finds he can't. Child David then runs out of the room and is followed by Sydney who calls after them. The run through different memories of David becoming high and even of David having sex with Philly. Eventually, they find themselves in David's childhood bedroom. Sydney asks child David where he hides where no one can find him and leads her into the hallway of his childhood home. While child David begins opening up a vent, Sydney notices that The Angry Boy is in the hallway as well. Quickly the duo climb into the vent and hide but the Demon with the Yellow Eyes is right behind them. Syd urges David to wake up, and Syd is returned to reality. She then wakes up Ptonomy and shortly after Melanie joins them but remains under--trapped within his own mind. [4]

Researching David's Past[]

With David not waking up, Cary preforms several tests on his body to try and determine what occurred. There was no medical reason for David's coma and he was not brain dead as his mind was active. Ptonomy searched his memory and his subconscious but could not find David's mind. Realizing that part of David's power was being able to create a mental projection space somewhere between reality and dream they concluded that he was trapped in the astral plane.

Melanie decides to send Syd, Ptonomy, and Kerry outside to find what really happened to David before Clockworks. Kerry is excited at the prospect of potentially fighting Division 3 agents while Ptonomy argues against the idea seeing David is dangerous. Melanie states, without room for dispute that all three are going.

First the group starts at Dr. Poole's old office where Kerry keeps watch while Syd and Ptonomy search the room. Sydney notes that the curtains are completely different. Ptonomy explains that people's memories change over time. Sydney then gestures to one of the walls and tells Ptonomy about what she saw with it opening up and a red light streaming from the crack. This then cause child David to run into the astral plane. Ptonomy tells her that he looked for them but couldn't find them in any of David's memories. Ptonomy then says that as part of David's ability he can create the place Sydney ran into--a psychic projection that simulates reality. Ptonomy then opens a closet door and finds the tape recorder from David and Dr. Poole's sessions bent, broken, and covered in bloody fingerprints. Syd asks if there was any way that they were still in David's memory but Ptonomy tells her that this is reality--or he's pretty sure it's reality. Ptonomy then places the recorder on the desk before explaining that objects have memory too and his gifts work on them just as they do on people. He then asks that Syd place her hand on the recorder before he places his hand on the recorder as well stepping into it's memory. In the recorder's memory they see Dr. Poole asking David about the stars and then Dr. Poole severely beaten with the recorder laying next to him and David standing over him.

Syd and Ptonomy process what they saw. Ptonomy says that it looks like that Dr. Poole returned early while David was robbing the place so David beat him to near death. Syd says that it doesn't seem like something David would do. Ptonomy understands that Syd loves David but tells her David is clearly unstable and hearing voices for years, doing hard drugs, and then being locked up in a mental ward will do that. Sydney refutes that she was also in a mental institution. Ptonomy explains that compared to David, Sydney's power is a card trick. Ptonomy also tells Syd that he read the medical report on Dr. Poole. David broke the doctor's skull and they had to put him in a coma to get the swelling down. If David could do that much damage with his fists, Ptonomy feared how much damage he would do with his powers. Syd says that in David's memory she saw a flash where David was eating tape and many of his memories are altered. Ptonomy states that he has seen implanted memories before and these weren't implanted. Sydney counters that they could have been implanted from the inside and that's why Ptonomy didn't notice them. Ptonomy then asks why David would do such a thing and Sydney admits she doesn't know. Pitying her, Ptonomy says she's going to a lot of effort just to convince herself that David's a nice guy. Syd doesn't listen and points out that in the recorder's memory David told Dr. Poole what the stars said. She proposes that in one session David said too much and he came back to destroy the tapes.

While taking rest in the woods Cary called Kerry telling her the address he found for Philly. Kerry then returns to Syd and Ptonomy and informs them of this. The trio continues to take rest in the woods before heading out again, during this time Kerry tells Sydney about her past along with her relationship to Cary. Kerry has all the action while Cary does all the "boring stuff." Kerry is the muscle while Cary is the brain. Kerry keeps Cary safe while he makes her laugh.

Next the group goes to find Philly, David's ex-girlfriend. They find her currently working for a real estate agency. Outside of the building Ptonomy informs the group of his plan. Sydney is to keep Philly distracted by pretending to buy a house while he scans her memories. Ptonomy will also pretend to be blind by wearing sunglasses. Kerry is to keep watch for Division 3 agents. Kerry is eager for a fight but Ptonomy quotes Sun Tzu in reply. "Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting." This does not impress Kerry but she stands guard while the others go into the agency.

At the agency Sydney pretends to buy a house keeping Philly engaged while Ptonomy searches her memory. After finding Dr. Poole's place of residency, Ptonomy thanks Philly for her time, removes his sunglasses, and stands up beginning to leave. Unable to resist, Syd asked if Philly dated David. Ptonomy wants her to stop but Syd continues down this path anyways. Philly tenses up and asks if they know where he is. Syd tells him that they're looking for him. She also says that David spoke fondly of Philly and asks if things ended badly between them. Philly reveals that she dated David because she believed that she could fix him, and David was always nice to her. Philly also reveals that his friend Benny, a pusher, was a bad influence on him. Ptonomy asks for clarification if the friend that David did drugs with was a man. Philly confirms this by saying that Benny was a larger man who smiled a lot but not with his eyes. Syd asks if there's any message that she should pass along if she sees David. Philly replies "They're watching." Ptonomy and Syd then leave the agency.

While moving to the next location, Syd asks Ptonomy if he wants to talk about how Benny was replaced by Lenny in David's memories. Ptonomy admits he doesn't know why Benny was replaced by Lenny, David's female friend from Clockworks.

At Dr. Pool's lighthouse they knock on his door. Dr. Poole answers it looking scared. Syd states that they're heard to talk to him about David but he replies he doesn't talk about his patients and attempts to close the door. Syd begs Dr. Poole to let them in saying that David's in trouble. Ptonomy then pipes up saying that David told them he broke into Dr. Poole office to steal drugs but they believe that there's another story. Dr. Poole lets them in and brings them tea. Kerry does a sweep of the building and finds nothing. Ptonomy wanted to do a memory sweep of Dr. Poole's mind but Sydney demands that they talk to him like normal people. Ptonomy lets her lead the questioning, opting to not search his memories.

In the questioning, Dr. Poole reveals that he was David's doctor for about 3 years. David, when he was on his medication was eager to work. He also had conflicting impulses that were not helped by the influence of his friend, Benny. Ptonomy then asked Dr. Poole if David was at all different in the days leading up to the robbery. Dr. Poole admits that David had doubled his sessions and it was clear that there was something he wanted to talk about but didn't until their last session together. Syd then asks what the stars said but he only replies that Sydney is in love with David and Syd admits to this. Dr. Poole then asks to see David again and Ptonomy asks why. Dr. Poole states he wants to know why David attacked him, Syd looks at Ptonomy silently hoping that they'll let Dr. Poole see David. Dr. Poole then states that Ptonomy is in charge. Sydney tries to refute this saying they came here together and no one's in charge. Dr. Poole then reveals himself to be Walter and this to be a trap laid by Division 3. Gun fire then destroys the living room while the mutants run upstairs. Walter calmly follows them. Kerry then jumps out of the window hoping to fight the dozens of agents on the ground. Ptonomy then begins to fire at Walter to has entered the room that they were hiding in. Walter uses his power to cause the bullets to miss him. Now out of bullets, Ptonomy attempts to take Walter in hand-to-hand combat. Blocking Ptonomy's punch, Walter knocks Ptonomy out using his powers. Next Sydney faces off against Walter. She touches them and they swap bodies. The of the Division agents arrive and posing as Walter, Syd tells them to put them into the van as she'll take the Summerland mutants back herself.

While driving back David appears in the road and causes the truck to drive off the pavement. David, not realizing a body swap has occurred opens the back of the truck and release Syd's body (which is being controlled by Walter) and gives her a knife. The real Syd wakes up in time to stop Walter from killing David before attempting to chase her and stop her. David, not realizing the body swap, tackles Walter's body to the ground as the two swap bodies back. Now with his own body Walter shoots Kerry in the shoulder before escaping. [5]

Rescuing Amy[]

The group brings Kerry back to Summerland where Cary treats her. Sydney then finds David on the dock later and attempts to tell him what she, Ptonomy, and Cary discovered about his past however David does not want to know. Instead he shows her that he's learned to control his power placing their minds into an illusion of a beautiful white walled room by a beach. At first Sydney doesn't understand and becomes fearful when David touches her. But David explains that it's okay and this is a way for them to be together. He created this illusion and they can touch without actually touching and causing a body swap. The two then spend time together in the room naming it the White Room.

After Kerry becomes stable David and Syd meet with Melanie where David tells her that he's going to get Amy in the morning. Melanie reiterates how this is a bad idea but David has made up his mind to go and if Melanie doesn't want to help, she doesn't have to. Syd declares that she'll be going to rescue Amy too. Melanie continues to protest but David changes the topic to her husband. He tells her Oliver looks good and lives in an ice cube. Melanie reveals that he's been trapped in the astral plane for 21 years but before that he was like David, having psychic powers. He discovered the Astral Plane and spent more and more time in there until one day he didn't return. Melanie then asks David to bring him home.

In the elevator after the meeting David and Syd talk about going to Division 3, saying it'll be fun. Syd then asks David if they can return to the White Room, which they do. After having sex David asks if it was Syd's first time. Sydney reveals that her first time was with her mother's boyfriend when she was 16. She swapped bodies with her mother and they switched back while he was still inside her right has her mom walked in.

That night the two continue to spend time in the White Room and fall asleep there.  Sydney then wakes up and hears David speaking to someone (Amahl Farouk) in the bathroom.  Entering the bathroom, flooded with red light, Sydney finds it empty.  

She then goes and finds Ptonomy, Melanie, and Rudy planing the rescue of Amy. Sydney informs them that David left, most likely to go to Division 3 to rescue his sister. Melanie then tells Ptonomy to wake everyone. Ptonomy asks in disbelief and disgust if they're going to Division 3 right now without a plan or information. Melanie says that David needs them but Ptonomy counters that if David needs them then why did he leave? Ptonomy continues saying that David only ever seems to think about himself and saving a selfish person is not worth risking his life. Syd protests saying that Division 3 has his sister. But Ptonomy replies that they're fighting a war that's bigger than David and his sister and they need to think about the bigger picture. Melanie states that Summerland cannot lose David. Ptonomy asks if this is because he'll bring Oliver back. After a pause Melanie says it's because he's too powerful and if he joins Division 3's side they're sure to lose. Frustrated, Ptonomy storms out of the room and begins waking everyone.  Melanie then speaks to Sydney. She asks Syd how David seemed and if she told David about his past. Sydney said that he showed her the White Room and did other things. Melanie says that they need to work together on his treatment but Syd says that she's his girlfriend not his therapist. 

Melanie, Ptonomy, Sydney, and Rudy then all leave for the Division 3 compound. They find find the place destroyed with all of the soldiers phased into the ground and dead. Splitting the group into two teams, Rudy and Melanie traveled to the main control room while Syd and Ptonomy continue searching the building.

Ptonomy and Syd then find Dr. Kissinger in his cell, alive. He greets them and asks them to open the door. Syd asks where David is and Kissinger tells them that he was here and that Amy was being held in the next cell. He then told David that some Division 3 agents took her to the interrogation room. Dr. Kissinger then tells Syd and Ptonomy that David said he would let him out but didn't and asks to be freed again. Ptonomy asks where the interrogation room is and Dr. Kissinger points before asking to be freed again. Syd and Ptonomy then leave Dr. Kissinger in his cell and travel to the interrogation room.

In the interrogation room they find Brubaker half phased into the floor and slowly dying. He tells Ptonomy and Sydney that Division 3 was wrong. Sydney asks where David is and Brubaker tells them that David took Amy. He tells them that Division 3 knew he would come and they thought they were ready to face him but they were wrong. He has so much power and "it wears a human face."

The mutants then regroup outside of the compound.  Sydney expresses her confusion with fear in her voice.  The group is then contacted by Cary who tells them that David really is sick and they've been treating him incorrectly. Melanie cuts him off saying that David is not sick but Cary continues saying that there's a separate consciousness that's attached itself to David and has been living inside of him, like a parasite, for about 30 years. This parasite then fed off of David's powers, it would have torn him apart normally if not for the fact that David in his own right is an extremely powerful mutant. Every time David or one of the other Summerland mutants sees the parasite or realized it was there it made them forget.

While the mutants speak with Cary, Sydney hears David calling her.  Suddenly Sydney finds herself in  the  White Room with red light spilling through the windows.  She asks David if he's okay. David, unable to scream, shushes her before singing "Rainbow Connection"  and playing a ukulele. During the song David gestures to the bathroom which is filled with red light, King the dog and The Angry Boy. Syd closes the door and David then gestures towards a telescope. When Sydney looks through it she sees his childhood house before coming back to reality. Sydney then informs the rest of the group about this and go there while Cary works on creating a device that could isolate the parasite allowing them to speak with David separately.    

Arriving at the home, Melanie warns the group that by stepping onto the property there's a chance they've left the real world and are in David's world now. Sydney asks why this is bad and Ptonomy replies that it would make him God and he's crazy. Melanie tells Ptonomy to stop it and David's not crazy, that it's much much worse.

As they step onto the property the group loses all sound. The group begins to panic but Melanie mouths reassurance and continues to lead them into the house. Rudy splits off from the rest of the group to scout for danger, Ptonomy and Melanie continue to explore the main floor while Sydney wanders towards the stairwell.  Suddenly she sees the Angry Boy run past her and up the stairs.  Frozen in fear a single tear rolls down her face.  After a moment she looks up the stair well where the Angry Boy looks back at her before running up the rest of the stairs and disappears down a hallway.  

Sydney climbs the stairs and eventually reaches David's bedroom. She finds Amy is sitting comatose-like and staring at a mirror. Syd tries to wake her until "Lenny" appears, chokes her before throwing her against the wall where David sat also in a comatose state. While Sydney watches, "Lenny" begins to molest with David's body. "Lenny" continues to taunt Sydney saying "Such a pretty boy, and then you people began putting all these ideas in his head." before violently banging David's head against the wall.

Melanie, Ptonomy, Kerry, and Cary then walk in. Sydney finds herself and David (Farouk still in control presumably) standing and facing them. Walter, disguised as Rudy, then bursts into the room and begins firing a machine gun at David. Syd protects David by hugging David, placing her body between him and the bullets, and telling David to put them in the White Room.

In the White Room, David tells Syd that he can't stop Farouk and that he's too strong. Farouk, as the Devil with the Yellow Eyes, then enters the room and stalks Sydney as she tries to run all the while screaming for David to help her. The Devil with the Yellow Eyes then pins Sydney to the bed causing David to step in and use his abilities to stop time in the real world, and place everyone's minds into an alternate reality. [6]

Alternate Clockworks[]

To save everyone, David stops time and puts all the people in his house into an alternate reality where they are all Clockwork's Patients and the parasite/"Dr. Lenny Busker" is their therapist.

In her session with Dr. Busker, Sydney expresses how nothing feels real. She describes it like a boring dream where everything seems normal but somehow she can feel that there's something's off. Dr. Busker changes the subject saying they'll pick this up in their next session and that it's time for Sydney's medication. While walking to the dayroom Sydney sees David's bedroom door. She listens and hears music coming from the other side before an announcement sounds saying Syd is out of bounds and that she needs to go to the nurse's station. At the nurse's station Amy, who is a nurse, spot checks her. Syd protests saying that she doesn't like to be touched and it's a known fact. Amy spot checks her anyways, aggressively patting her down before walking away.

Events from the original Clockworks repeat themselves however they are slightly altered. For instance Rudy becomes the drooling man at the beginning of Chapter 1 and who also can be seen in the WTF promo while David and Ptonomy, who takes the place of Lenny, watch. While David and Ptonomy discuss how there is no going back to a normal life after the mental illness starts, Sydney comes up to them. She asks if they had noticed a bedroom door in one of the halls but before she can elaborate Dr. Busker arrives to take David to his session.

In the cafeteria Ptonomy, Syd, and David all eat pie together but Amy, who is a nurse in this reality, takes David's pie. Sydney tries to give her pie to David but Amy forbids it. Sydney then refuses to eat any pie if David can't eat his. David tells her to eat it anyways before sulking. While Syd is eating her pie she finds several bugs in it (referencing a scene from the White Room where a bowl of strawberries is crawling with black bugs) and throws it across the cafeteria.

That night David sneaks into Syd's room and lays in her bed (paralleling the scene from Chapter 1 where Syd sneaks into David's room before telling him that she's being released). Syd once again expresses her feelings of deja vu as well as the need to leave the hospital. David tries to convince her that not everyone is cut out for the real world and perhaps Clockworks will give them their own room together. But Sydney rejects this idea telling him that she can't stay here.

The next day Syd notices that the bedroom door is no longer in the hallway. She then finds Cary and Kerry playing chess and exercising their minds. Sydney states that she didn't sleep well. Cary asks if it was the dream again. Sydney confirms this by describing how she's in a room full of people she cannot see and there's a feeling that they're already dead but don't know it yet. Sydney then asks if either of them noticed the bedroom door but neither do. Cary and Kerry both believe her to be delusional. Cary suggests several theories before stating the most likely explanation is that Sydney is confusing one door with another. Sydney says that's not the case but drops the subject. She then finds a book on couch about alternate realities, dream states, and memory palaces.

Some day later, David is painting Syd while she reads the book. Syd once again brings up the bedroom door and the possibility that the hospital isn't real as it doesn't feel real to her. David warns her to be careful because Syd was admitted to clockworks with the diagnosis of schizophrenia. Sydney, knowing this to not be true, becomes agitated. Seeing this David begins to apologize saying how well she's doing especially with the fact that when she first entered the hospital she was strapped down. Sydney protests saying David is the one with schizophrenia and not bipolar while Sydney was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder. David continues to try and calm her down but Syd leaves the room.

In the hallway she sees a large pulsing mass on one of the walls. The mass resembles a graying infected wound. Upon touching the mass it oozes blood which she gets on her finger. Suddenly Sydney remembers everything: Lenny's death, Summerland, the shooting, and the White Room. Dr. Busker then appears and Sydney becomes extremely nervous. Dr. Busker asks what she's doing in the hallways after hours and Sydney lies saying that she was just using the bathroom. Dr. Busker if she wants to try a new music therapy. Syd tries to get out of listening to the music but Dr. Busker puts the headphones on her anyways. Sydney is instantly subdued by the music and falls asleep. Dr. Busker then floats her body into the bedroom door and places her into David's childhood bed. [1]

Soon after Cary, in a diving suit, appears and rescues Sydney. Inside a chamber in the astral plane where Amahl cannot see or hear them Cary speaks with Sydney about how the Clockworks fantasy isn't real. Syd, however, already had figured all of this out and tells Cary to save their bodies while she goes back into the Clockworks dream and saves their minds. Cary gives her the glasses that Oliver made to help tell what is and isn't real.

Upon reentering the alternate Clockworks she finds that it has turned into a nightmarish version. Broken glass and furniture litters the floor, and if not for the glasses Sydney would have seen thousands of patients attacking her. Sydney then sees Rudy still comatose, sitting in his wheel chair in the dayroom. She goes to but a pair of glasses on him but at this moment Kerry enters the dayroom and throws a piece of metal into the door, baring it which keeps Walter, who is stalking her, out of the day room. Kerry then starts fighting off the imaginary patients. Syd is able to get close to her and place a pair of glasses on her. Kerry and Syd push Rudy around as they begin exploring the hospital looking for David, Melanie, and the others.

While exploring one corridor, Walter tackles Kerry into another room at the same time knocking the glasses from her face. Once again surrounded by patients attacking her she is unable to defend herself from Walter who begins to beat her. Syd attempts to help but to no avail.

As Syd attempts to pull Walter off of Kerry, Farouk (as "Lenny") arrives. "Lenny" then forces Walter to stand before telling saying that he can go and crumpling his body into a ball, killing him. Now with her sights set on Kerry and Syd she begins to torment them before temporary going to where Oliver, Melanie, and Cary are stopping Oliver from completing his shield which would stop the bullets from killing Syd's and David's bodies. After disposing of Oliver, the Shadow King returns to Syd and Kerry but before he can kill them, Rudy gains enough consciousness to grab Farouk and send off a concussive blast that sends both himself and Farouk far away from Syd and Kerry. The alternate reality then ends and Syd's mind is restored to her body.

Back in the bedroom time starts again and David turns to place himself between Syd and the bullets. However instead of being impacted by them, David catches them. He then teleports Syd, Ptonomy, Amy, Rudy, Kerry, Cary, and Melanie back to Summerland.

Division 3 Attack[]

Now back at Summerland, David tells Syd that he is relieved that Farouk is gone and attempts to remove the halo but Cary stops him. The Shadow King isn't gone but merely isolated in David's mind and if he were to take off the device it would set Amahl free again. Syd then enjoys a breakfast that Oliver, who is now free from the Astral Plane, made.

Syd and Cary then go to find David and remove Farouk from his head. They find David talking with Amy. While walking to Sydney and Cary the halo shifts and David sees a vision of the Angry Boy. Now worried he agrees that they should remove Farouk quickly.

David, Cary, Syd, and Ptonomy make their way to Cary's lab by walking outside. However Clark along with dozens of agents appear and hold all of the mutants at gun point, demanding to speak with David while the other mutants could be killed. [7] David, easily piles the agents and removes their weapons with his powers and agrees that they need to talk.

As Syd and David continue to walk to the Lab, Sydney tells David that it doesn't matter if he saves the world if he doesn't save himself. David responds that for six years he was in Clockworks contributing nothing to society and now given the chance he's going to take it.

Now in Cary's lab, David begs Melanie to let him speak with Clark while Cary attempts to strengthen the halo. Melanie and Ptonomy both think its a bad idea to let David speak with Clark. Ptonomy suggests that they kill Clark and all of the Division 3 agents. Syd retorts that Ptonomy needs to grow up and they can't murder people. Ptonomy replies that Division 3 murders people and if the Summerland mutants don't want to end up dead then they need to kill the Division 3 agents before they kill them. Melanie proposes the idea that Summerland moves, assuming Division 3 knows their position, and executes plan M. David continues to beg Melanie to let him talk to Clark because they have a rapport. Sydney points out that this rapport is Clark trying to kill David twice. David clarifies that the second time Clark was going to kill everyone but David and with that kind of thinking the war will never end. Melanie tells David to read Clark's mind because they may never get another chance to learn Division 3's tactics and operations. David asks if they'll kill Clark after they get done using him. Ptonomy agrees that they should kill him. Cary believes that before they decide anything they need to remove Farouk's presence. If the halo fails Farouk would destroy David's mind and take over his body for good.  

Melanie eventually allows David to see Clark and Sydney sits in with the other mutants watching the meeting. Cary supplies David's halo with more power during the conversation. David offers a truce between Division 3 and mutants but Clark side steps it by point out that David doesn't look well. In fact David is not well at all. The halo is slowly losing power and David is soon only repeating "You don't have to be afraid." This strikes a cord in Clark as his cocky facade fades showing his fear. Sydney, who was standing in the back of room, pipes up asking why doesn't Division 3 just leave mutants alone. Clark replies that this cannot happen because they'll overthrow the human race and even if he wanted to accept this peace offering he doesn't have the authority to do so.  

During the meeting, Farouk drags Syd into the White Room. Sydney says that she can't be able to contact her and this shouldn't be occurring. Farouk corrects her saying that when Sydney was in David's head, Farouk was in hers. With the halo on, Farouk can't affect David but the halo is weak enough that he is able to contact Syd. This conversation occurs while Farouk uses Lenny's form but it appears to be rotting--a sign that Farouk is weak. Seeing that the Shadow King is losing power, Sydney is no longer afraid of him. Syd calls Farouk a tumor and tells him that doctors cut tumors out and burn them. "Lenny" stops trying to threaten and scare her instead they state why they're here. The Shadow King tells Syd that if she wants Farouk out of David's head then Syd needs to help him escape. If Syd doesn't help and they try to remove/kill when he's unwilling to leave, then Farouk will kill David in the process.   

The meeting ends as David collapse onto the table, the halo no longer having the power to hold the Shadow King at bay. Clark asks what's wrong with him and despite Melanie and the others telling him it's nothing Sydney sets the record straight. Melanie tries to stop Syd but Syd doesn't listen believing David is right and they need to trust Division 3. She tells Clark, and Division 3 listening through him, that David is being fed off of by the Shadow King who is their real enemy and that they should make a truce so they can stop it. Before Clark can answer Melanie has Clark taken to his cell. Sydney looks at Melanie feeling betrayed but Melanie responds that she can't risk trusting Division 3.  

The Shadow King's Escape[]

Seeing that there is no more time, the mutants prepare David to remove Farouk from his head. Syd asks how the procedure will work to which Cary responds that they identified a second set of brainwaves inside David's head. The device will then target everything that is Faourk and suck it out of David's head using a magnetic field.

They begin the procedure and as it progresses Cary asks Oliver, who is in the generator room, to adjust the power. The procedure works until Amahl starts fighting back, killing David in the process. Sydney then runs into the room kissing David and releasing Amahl and transferring him to her body. Amahl then jumps to Kerry's body.

After David pushes Farouk from Kerry's body, David wakes Sydney up and tells her that she shouldn't have set Farouk free but she explains that the Shadow King would have killed him if she hadn't. David accepts this telling her that he genuinely feels better. As the team regains consciousness, Cary then points out that the Shadow King needs a host to survive and that he should be in someone. Melanie then asks where Oliver is. The group then realizes that when David pushed Farouk out of Kerry, he inadvertently sent Farouk into Oliver who is now gone.

That night David and Sydney stood out on a balcony enjoying David's freedom. David announces that Oliver and Farouk are heading south before a strange orb appears. David asks if the orb is one of Cary's but Sydney doesn't know. The Orb then scans David before capturing him and floating off. David bangs on the small window screaming for Sydney's help. Syd then runs inside to tell the others. [8]

Powers and abilties[]

  • Body Swapping: Sydney's mutation allows her to switch minds with another individual through physical contact. When this occurs, her consciousness goes into the body of the person she touched and vice versa. After a period of time has lapsed, Sydney and the person she switched bodies with return to their original bodies, though they remain wherever they were at the time the switch took place. This power can be activated involuntary if someone makes contact with Sydney against her will, as seen when David kisses her when she is about to leave Clockworks. [2] As a result of her power, she feels uncomfortable making contact with other people, even when wearing gloves.



  • Sydney was named after Pink Floyd founding member, Syd Barrett. [9]
  • Her power being activated through physical contact is similar to the X-Men character Rogue.
  • Her diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder, which can be characterized by disregard or even violation of the rights of others, is a likely catalyst to her often callous demeanor and past attempts to use her powers for personal gratification at the expense of others (attacking bullies at school using the body of a jock that harassed her and getting him in trouble). [1] [10]
  • Despite not liking cherry-flavored food initially, Syd has grown to like cherry pie. [11]


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