I thought I could fix him. He was so troubled, you know.
— Philly

Philly is David Haller's ex-girlfriend.


Philly was David Haller's girlfriend for about 10 months, until she left him after he lost control of his abilities.

After college he had a rough time but attempted to push through with the help of his girlfriend, Philly and his friend Benny. Philly, David, and Dr. Poole would eat dinner together. Philly believed that she could fix David but they would often fight a lot which made life harder. Unlike Philly, Benny encouraged the more violent side of David. Benny was a pusher and often committed petty thefts in order to buy a new drug called Vapor.

Philly disliked the influence that Benny had on David and she was right to do so. Benny encouraged David to rob Dr. Poole for drugs.

The following day Philly walked in on Benny and David using which led to David and her having a fight. Telling her that he didn't want to talk about it, David took refuge in the kitchen when his powers acted up causing the cabinets to explode and utensils to fly everywhere. Amahl also appeared at this time in the form of the Devil with the Yellow Eyes which only scared David more. Philly then returned to find David surrounded by kitchen objects and terrified. Scared as well Philly ended their relationship.

Philly breaking up with David, drove him to attempt suicide.

Looking into David's Past

After Division 3, lost David to Summerland, they began to explore David's past including meeting with Philly. Days later Syd, Ptonomy, and Kerry went looking into his past as well. Syd and Ptonomy went into the realtor company where she worked. Ptonomy pretended to be blind. While Syd pretended to be interested in buying a house, Ptonomy searched Philly's memories for clues as to where Dr. Poole might be.

Unable to resist, Syd asked if Philly dated David. Philly tenses up and asks if they know where he is. Syd tells him that they're looking for him. Philly reveals that she dated David because she believed that she could fix him, and David was always nice to her. Philly also reveals that his friend Benny, a pusher, was a bad influence on him. Syd asks if there's any message that she should pass along if she sees David. Philly replies "They're watching."

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