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Left to right: Cary Loudermilk, Sydney Barrett, Ptonomy Wallace, and David Haller

Look at you, all of you, you're gods, and someday you're gonna wake up and realize you don't need to listen to us anymore.
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Mutants are individuals born with superhuman abilities. Their existence is unknown to the general public, but the U.S. government has organizations - known as the Divisions - that study, capture, and eliminate potential mutant threats. A safe haven for mutants, known as Summerland, was founded by Oliver Bird and Cary Loudermilk.


Records of mutants first started appearing as early as the 1800s with Amahl Farouk. For several decades the existence of mutants was not known. While poems and pictures were drawn of mutants no one knew what they were.

In the 40s two mutants, Oliver Bird and Cary Loudermilk founded Summerland to provide a safe environment for mutants learning how to control their powers. Summerland was able to operate in secret and efficiently for some time due to secrecy of the existence of mutants.

After the Lazarus Affair the United States governments, in conjunction with several other governments from around the world joined together to create the Divisions. The Divisions were made to deal with what was seen as the new mutant threat. They would capture, study, and even eliminate potential mutant threats. Obviously, Summerland and Divisions came into conflict.

Mutants' presence in the world became more noticeable with incidents like Redhook, and Clockworks. Despite this, the presence of Mutants is still kept a secret to the general public.

Due to the threat that Amahl Farouk posed, Summerland and Divisions called a truce with Summerland merging with Division 3. Sydney Barrett, a mutant, and Melanie Bird, the former leader of Summerland, were able to convince the Divisions that the majority mutants aren't a threat to the public. Because of this, the opinion of mutants has shifted to be more favourable and most mutants are left alone to live their lives in peace.

Known mutants

† denotes deceased:


Power Image Description
Astral Manipulation
Astral Plane Lenny.jpg
The ability to manipulate the Astral plane and construct elaborate illusions. If this ability is powerful enough the user can affect other individuals in the illusion.

Users: Amahl Farouk, David Haller, Oliver Bird

Astral Projection
Astral projection.png
User can separate their spirit from the body by entering a trance, gaining access of travel to the Astral Plane. Users can also see events occurring in the real world.

Users: David Haller, David Haller's father, Amahl Farouk, Oliver Bird, Walter

Energy Shield
Energy shield.png
The ability to generate a shield made out of energy.

Users: David Haller, Amahl Farouk

Illusive Appearance
The ability to alter the user's appearance through illusion. The user can appear as anyone or anything.

Users: Walter

S1 Promo 43.jpg
The ability to hover oneself or other objects into the air.

Users: David Haller

Matter Manipulation
Matter manipulation.png
The ability to shape and manipulate matter (anything) with their mind.

Users: David Haller, Amahl Farouk

Memory Manipulation
Memory manipulation.png
The power to see into the memories of others and sift through them. The user can also bring other people into the memories of individuals. This also includes the ability to manipulate memories.

Users: Ptonomy Wallace, Amahl Farouk

Mind Exchange
Mind Exchange.png
The ability to switch bodies with another person.

Users: Sydney Barrett

Multiple Bodies
Multiple bodies.png
The power of sharing a body with another person. For example, most of the time Kerry lives inside of Cary's body. She only ages when she is outside of his body.

Users: Cary Loudermilk, Kerry Loudermilk

The power of perfect memory recall.

Users: Ptonomy Wallace

The ability to embed their consciousness within the minds of others. The embed mind can only be removed if the mind is willing to leave.

Users: Amahl Farouk

Reality Warping
The ability to manipulate reality at will.

User: David Haller, Amahl Farouk

Regenerative Healing Factor
The ability to heal quicker than an average person.

Users: Kerry Loudermilk

Sensory Sharing
Shared Sensory.png
The ability to feel another person's experiences.

Users: Cary Loudermilk, Kerry Loudermilk

Sleep Inducement
Sleep induce.png
The ability to cause an individual to fall asleep.

Users: Ptonomy Wallace, Walter

Sound Nullification
Sound null.png
The ability to mute all sound.

Users: David Haller, Amahl Farouk

Kitchen explosion.jpg
The ability to move and manipulate physical matter with thoughts. This is often used through hand gestures.

Users: David Haller, Amahl Farouk, Rudy

1x07 Psychic Battle.png
The ability to read another person's mind. The user's thought can also be projected into another's mind.

Users: David Haller, David Haller's father, Amahl Farouk, Oliver Bird, Walter

The ability to instantaneously travel from one location to another. This ability can be extended outside of the user to other people and objects

Users: David Haller

Time Manipulation
Time manipulation.png
The ability to control time through stopping it, travelling forward in time or backwards.

Users: David Haller


  • In the main Marvel Comics continuity, the powers of mutants stem from a genetic marker known as the X-Gene, which is located on the 23rd chromosome. [1] While it is unknown whether the X-Gene exists in the universe of Legion, it has been confirmed that mutant abilities have a genetic component. [2]


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