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Mr. Haller is Amy Haller's father and David Haller's adopted father.



Mr. Haller is the biological father of Amy Haller and husband of Mrs. Haller. Mr. Haller was an astronomer. He and the Haller family lived in the country.

Adopting David

When Amy was four, a man came to the Haller family and asked them to adopt his son, David. The family accepted and took David in as their own and raised him as such. They did not tell David he was adopted. For a long time Amy thought it was a dream, having a little brother, but she soon came to accept her new reality.

As David grew up, Haller would take him out deep into the country to look up at the stars. David told him the stars talked to him, to which Mr. Haller replied that the stars spoke to him too however it was in the metaphorical sense.

David has many memories of Mr. Haller reading a book called The World's Angriest Boy in the World. Whether or not this book was real or part of the Shadow King's disguise is uncertain. David is also unable to see Mr. Haller's face in his memories.


Mr. Haller died a year before Summerland rescued David. David was in the mental hospital at the time and they would not release him to allow him to attend his adopted father's funeral.

Powers and abilities

Mr. Haller has extensive knowledge of the stars from his profession of astronomy.



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