Migo Monks
The Mi-Go Order is a group of monks who were responsible for hiding the physical body of Amahl Farouk after his defeat on the Astral Plane.


After being defeated in psychic battle by David Haller's father on the Astral Plane, Amahl Farouk's body was taken by the monks of the Mi-Go Order and entombed. The monks were then wiped out by The Miser Sunday leaving only one surviving monk with knowledge of Farouk's body. [1]

Although Farouk's physical body was hidden away, his consciousness lingered within the mind of David Haller. However, after Summerland attempted to extract Farouk's consciousness from Haller's mind, Farouk was able to escape by possessing the body of Oliver Bird. [2] In his new host, Farouk began his quest to find the last surviving monk of the Mi-Go Order in order to return to his original body.


Season 2


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