This is a safe place, David. Nothing can hurt you here.
— Dr. Poole to David[src]

Henry Poole was David Haller's psychiatrist.



Henry Poole was David Haller's psychiatrist for about 3 years before he was admitted to Clockworks. Henry was married and had kids. David had several sessions and David, Henry, and Philly often had meals together. Over the years, Henry slowly gained David's trust. David even told him what the stars said.

One night David broke into Henry's office to steal drugs for Benny and destroy the tapes Henry Poole recorded of their sessions. Unfortunately, Henry returned to the office unexpectedly and David beat him to near death, breaking his skull and requiring a medically induced coma to get the swelling down.

Lighthouse Keeper

After the attack Henry had trouble concentrating and is blind in one eye. No longer able to be a psychiatrist he took up being a lighthouse keeper. Philly often visited him.

Sydney, Ptonomy, and Kerry went to visit Dr. Poole however Division 3 had reached him first and Walter with a squad of agents planned a trap for them.



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