My job is to assess... are you still a danger to yourself, or others?
— Dr. Dennis Kissinger to David[src]

Dennis Kissinger is a psychiatrist for Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital


He was a psychiatrist at Clockworks and treated both David and Sydney. After David and Sydney switched bodies Kissinger brought David (in Syd's body) to a nurse's office and treated him. After telling David to stay put, which he did not do, Kissinger returned to the Day Room to find all the patients were inexplicably trapped in their rooms. He also discovered all the furniture and doors were gone and Lenny trapped in a wall, dead. After releasing David (still in Syd's body) from Clockworks, in the chaos, he was presumably taken by Division 3 and all evidence of his existence erased.

Now placed in a cell in Division 3, he was interrogated by the government about David. Eventually, he discovered the captive in the cell next to him was Amy Haller, David's sister. Amy and Kissinger began to compare notes on David, coming to the realization that David has powers. Kissinger also brings up King, David's childhood dog, to which Amy responds "Doctor, we didn't have a dog." 

When David broke Amy out of the Division 3 compound he came across Kissinger in his cell. Kissinger told David that Amy had been taken to "the room with the big light". David said he would return to let him out but never did. Later, Kissinger is found by a Summerland team and is the only person left alive besides Brubaker after David's attack. He begs Sydney and Ptonomy to let him out of his cell but instead they leave Kissinger.


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