I'm you, your rational mind. You're having a breakdown, a stress response. Your power is kicking in to save you. It created me. You did.
— David's rational mind conversing with David[src]

David Haller's rational mind was a psychic construct created by David Haller to help him logically process his thoughts after being imprisoned by Amahl Farouk. He spoke with a British accent.


Helping David

David speaking to his rational mind

After surrendering control of his body to Amahl Farouk, David Haller found himself trapped in a mental prison on the Astral Plane that took on the form of a pitch-black coffin. His rational mind manifested as a stress response to being imprisoned, and helped David come to the realization that the coffin was not real. David's rational mind then instructed him to imagine a classroom with a blackboard, with the intention of helping him piece together his history with Farouk. [1]

David and his rational mind in the classroom on the Astral Plane

In the classroom, David's rational mind told him to forget all the memory manipulations and work off what they knew. Together, they were able to deduce that Farouk was a mutant who was psychically defeated by David's father. As revenge, the disembodied Farouk possessed David as an infant after he was adopted by the Hallers, feeding on David's own power to become strong enough so that he could exact revenge on his father. With this knowledge, David was able to break free of the mental coffin and free himself and his allies from the Astral Plane's version of Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital. [1]



  • Dan Stevens used his natural accent when portraying David's rational mind. [2]


Season 1


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