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female announcer: Meditation starts in 20 minutes, in the activity room.
[voice slows and distorts] [whistling] [panting] [whistling] [panting] [whistling] [gasps] [whistling] [ominous music] [crowd clamoring] - [gasps and whimpers] - [whistling] [electricity crackles] [whistling] [dramatic music] [indistinct whispering] [indistinct whispering] [overlapping indistinct chatter] [indistinct chatter] [deep voice distortion] What did he do with it? What did he do with it? What did he do with it? [whispers] What did he do with it? What did he do with it? What did he do with it? What did he do with it? [Lenny's voice] What did he do with it? Hey, sexy.
[lantern thuds loudly] Tell me about the day David came to live with you.
Why? A man brought him, yeah? - I was four.
- But you remember.
[deep voice distortion] Don't lie! It was late.
[music box plays soft melody] I was in my room and I I heard voices.
[indistinct chatter] So I snuck out onto the landing.
[baby cooing] For a long time, I thought it was a dream.
[indistinct chatter] Yeah, that was him.
[breathing angrily] [deep voice distortion] Oh, what did he do with it? What did he do with it? - What did he do with it? - Why are you doing this? - He was just a baby.
- What did he do with it? He's not a baby now.
[gasps] Uh-oh.
Looks like one of the animals is out of its pen.
[growling] [overlapping chatter] [ice cracking and wind howling] Fascinating.
You've manifested your cryogenic state into a literal ice cube.
- [helmet hisses] - Hm.
When I woke up this morning, I thought to myself, it's gonna be Daylight Savings soon.
Then I realized, I don't know what that means.
It's when you set the clocks forward or back to maximize daylight during the workday.
That's not very interesting.
I thought we were literally saving daylight.
My God.
Oliver, you haven't aged an hour.
- Oh, no, whoa.
- Oh, oh, oh.
Wait till Melanie sees.
Melanie? - Your your wife.
- My wife? Is she for some reason I wanna say Chinese? - No, she's not Chinese.
- Got it.
Japanese? No, not Asian in any way.
Good to know.
I've been in here a long time, you see.
Or at least, I think I have.
Hours or, what's longer than hours? Years.
My memory's a bit, um it's a bit, uh Oh, what's the word? What's the word? Dishes? No.
Anyhow, I supposed we'd better rescue them, then.
Your friends.
I've been watching you see this uh, this David person and his monster.
It can't find us in here, in case you're worrying.
- The parasite.
- Yes, that's what I said.
Mental, obviously.
Yes, a separate consciousness from David Has attached itself to him and has been Using his power to feed its own.
You're not are you gonna do that the whole time? - Do do what? - Finishing my sentences.
No, sorry.
Old habit.
[plays pitch pipe] Mmm You're not, in any way, - a tenor, perchance, are you? - A tenor? We're starting a barbershop quartet, David and myself.
"Roll out the Barrel," that kind of thing.
Nothing serious.
Just fun.
Oh, which reminds me.
You know what it is, don't you? I'm sorry.
Having a little trouble keeping up.
- What - The monster.
You know what it is.
Or should I say who? Farouk.
I read David's mind, you see, when they were trapped here.
He and David.
He's very clever, our monster.
But he puts all his energy into tricking David.
Didn't think to watch his six.
And by six I mean - what do I mean? - Wait, wait, you're saying Of course! Amahl Farouk.
I should have known.
The dog! - Oh.
There's a dog? - In David's memories, he's disguised himself as a really a very cute, little beagle.
But the name King I should Amahl Farouk.
The Shadow King.
- We have to rescue them.
- Didn't I just say that? I'm sure I said that.
Rescue them.
After the whole Chinese wife debate, which I'm still not totally convinced.
Are you sure she's not? Because I seem to have a very intimate recollection of one night All right, then.
Then the next question is: how? How do we rescue them? We are just minds, after all.
And their bodies are in quite a jumble.
Facing certain death, and all that.
[soft dramatic music] He's too powerful for me.
He's too virile, psychically.
David could break you out of the dream, possibly all of you.
But he's compromised, currently.
[muffled screaming, pounding] Farouk has locked him away in a tiny corner of his mind.
He'll be gone entirely, soon.
And then the Shadow King will become David.
It's too much vermouth.
You want me to put a little bit more vodka in there? [muffled screaming] David.
[muffled screaming] My device.
I made a halo, randomly firing electromagnetic signals in a 360-degree radius, which should if we can put it on David's head the real David in the now-frozen timeline, it should block the Shadow King.
Isolate it and end the hospital fantasy.
Unfreezing time and executing your friends in a hail of bullets, unfortunately.
Unless we can physically change the dynamic of the room.
Block the bullets, move the bodies.
We're going to need everybody.
May I introduce you to my friend, Jules Verne? [crickets chirping] [children's choir music] [crickets chirping] [music fades out] [machine clicks off] [helmet hisses] [soft dramatic music] [breathing apparatus hissing] [dramatic music] [door opens, suit hisses] It's all right.
He can't hear us in here, the monster.
He's very powerful, but Oliver has a few tricks - left up his sleeve.
- First of all Syd, it's easier if I just talk.
- The hospital wasn't real.
- No shit.
Well, to be accurate, there is a real hospital, - but we weren't there.
- It was a mental projection, created by the monster.
- I've been paying attention.
- Right, well, so our Our bodies are in David's childhood bedroom, probably frozen in time.
And if I remember it right, someone just fired a machine gun.
So I'm thinking, when time starts again, - we'll all be killed.
- Yes.
Wow! So what we have to do is distract the monster who looks like Lenny but isn't so we can save our bodies, without her knowing, and then find a way to end the hospital fantasy - and save David.
- Right.
And there's a there's a device.
- I built a - Great, so I'll go to the hospital and save the others and deal with Lenny and you fix it.
So I'm not murdered when I wake up.
- Are we good? - Yeah, that's what - I was gonna - Great, let's go.
Okay wait, wait, wait.
You'll need these.
Oliver made them.
That's Melanie's ahh Anyway, he has some control here.
And he made these to help us.
They'll show you what's real and what isn't.
These are for the others.
Try not to draw attention to yourself.
Because Farouk is watching.
- Farouk? - Yeah, it's a long story.
Just maintain the illusion.
And be ready.
I'll send a signal when I'm in place.
[overlapping shouting voices] [tense music] [tense music swelling] [music stops] [alarm blaring] This ought to be interesting.
[dramatic music] I'm coming for you, baby.
[screams echoing] [screaming] - [gun clicks] - David! - Come here.
- No.
[muffled scream echoing] [gunshots echoing] [gunshot] [muffled gunshot echoing] [breathing apparatus hisses] [mysterious music] - Oliver.
- [helmet hisses] Oh.
I thought you were Set them along the perimeter.
On the chest of a barmaid in Sale, were tattooed the prices of ale.
And on her behind, for the sake of the blind, was the same information in Braille.
Oliver Bird.
Dedicated follower of fashion.
Have I seen you before? At the poetry slam? - No.
[laughs] - You do seem familiar, though.
What did you say your name was, again? No.
Don't tell me.
I'll remember.
Whoo, what a pickle.
Where did you say that device was? The, uh your halo? - Here, in my hand.
- Mm.
So you're saying [trails off indistinctly] [liquid splatters] [eerie music] [liquid bubbling] [drop of liquid thuds] [drops of liquid thud softly] [tense percussive music] [no audible dialogue] [dramatic rock music] [no audible dialogue] Melanie? David? [glass shatters] David! Melanie! [glass shatters and electricity crackles] [crowd screaming] [dramatic music] Ah! Ah! [grunting] [crowd shouting] [voices stop] Shh.
[alarm blaring] [screaming] [screaming] [screaming] [screaming] [panting] Okay, ooh.
You're okay.
You're just in a coffin.
It's no big deal.
It's not even a it's more of a mental It's it's a mental coffin.
Your body isn't this is your mind that's trapped.
Which is that's not better.
[screaming] David.
- David.
- Ah, ohh! - You're freaking out.
Stop it.
- Whoa! Oh, no, you're not oh, don't tell me you're trapped in here with another thing monster whatever it is.
- Hm? - No, he's up there.
The monster.
He tricked us into giving up control.
Tricked you.
What? Yeah, I-I got that part, man.
But if you're not the monster, then I'm you.
Your rational mind.
You're having a breakdown a stress response.
Your power is kicking in to save you.
It created me.
You did.
Wha ah And you're British? Like I said, I'm your rational mind.
- And I created you? - Yes.
To help you find a way out of here, before this thing takes control of our body forever.
Well, ha look around, pal.
We're in a locked coffin, underground.
- Right.
[clears throat] - There is no way out.
Tell me, how can we be underground when we're not even inside our body? So if there's no body and no ground, then there's no coffin.
It's just an idea.
That makes sense.
Now, I want you to imagine a classroom.
A what? A classroom.
With a blackboard.
We're gonna figure this thing out, you and me.
Once and for all.
[bell ringing] [soft dramatic music] Good.
Nice blackboards.
Now, I want you to forget all the tricks.
The memory work, the MRI forget all the lies.
It's your mind.
You know everything the monster knows.
So go back to the beginning.
What have we learned? - I'm adopted.
- Good.
Write it on the board.
- Really? - Yeah.
You imagined chalk, right? Well, go on.
Which why didn't they my parents were I don't even know what to call them now, but why didn't they tell me? Or Amy? Why why didn't she [snaps] Hey, focus.
This is about facts.
Fact one: you're adopted.
What's fact two? What did Lenny say about your father? Your real father.
She said she knew him.
And before we go further, let me ask you this: do you think that thing up there is Lenny? - No.
- So what is it? Uh, what'd he say? The scientist uhh, a parasite? Yes.
Write it down.
It's not an insect, right? Not a botfly or a tapeworm.
It's a Yes, of course.
It's a mutant.
Like me.
And has been with you a long time.
Maybe since you were a A baby.
[soft vocal music] So, okay.
I had a dad.
And a mom, I guess, right? And if Lenny knew him, then he was probably a mutant, like me.
Psychic, I'm guessing.
And he this thing the monster was his enemy.
And they must have fought.
[soft dramatic music] Did they fight with their fists? Uh no.
They fought here.
In the Astral Plane.
- With their minds.
- [energy beams zapping] And my father God, this is so weird.
I don't even know how to picture him.
Um, screw it, okay.
My father, he must have won.
And the monster, or whatever, somehow his mind or his soul or his being or whatever was it didn't die.
But its mind floated off.
And Dad goes home.
"Sweetheart, it's over.
I won.
- Give me some sugar.
" - Is that is that supposed to be a-a British accent? And there's me.
I'm born.
And he they somehow, they decided to give me away, right? I mean, did they know? Or maybe it wasn't Maybe it wasn't about the monster.
Maybe they just didn't want me.
Oh, boohoo.
[claps] Come on, focus.
You're right.
- I am pretty.
I am loved.
- Good.
Keep going.
- [energy beams zapping] - Let's say, for now, that Dad was worried it wasn't safe for me.
So instead, to keep me safe, I went to live with my other mom and dad my adopted in secret.
Somehow, the monster was watching and it found me.
And like a haunted house [monster growls] - He possessed me.
- Why? Revenge.
Isn't that what she what it said? Good.
Keep going.
[ominous music] - It it possessed me.
- [monster roaring] - And that made me sick.
- [indistinct chatter echoing] My powers didn't help hearing voices and seeing but this thing made it worse.
And he it poisoned me, my whole life.
It made me it made me crazy.
[indistinct chatter echoing] And it fed on me.
To what end? Power.
It was weak, but I made it stronger.
- [monster growling] - My powers.
And it kept feeding.
Uh, what did Lenny say? The only being that matters in the universe is God.
So it fed on me - so that one day, maybe - [sirens wailing] It could get its revenge.
Or worse.
Then Syd came.
She woke me up.
The monster realized it couldn't hide anymore.
And it [monster growls] And here we are.
I mean, not here, in this classroom, but - [sighs] - Where are we again? Our mind is in the Astral Plane.
Our body is in our room from when we were kids, with our friends.
And they're in trouble.
Melanie was wrong.
I was sick.
But I'm not sick anymore.
So what are you gonna do about it? I'm gonna get my body back.
[deep rumbling] [alarm blaring in distance] [crowd yelling] [yelling stops] Melanie? David? [glass shatters and electricity crackles] [ominous music] [glass shattering and electricity crackling] [straining grunt] [grunts] Oh.
No, no.
[clears throat] May I? [clears throat] Where was I? Oh, yes.
Here we go.
[Maurice Ravel's "Boléro"] [wind howling] [deep rumbling] [no audible dialogue] [no audible dialogue] [no audible dialogue] [no audible dialogue] [no audible dialogue] [no audible dialogue] [no audible dialogue] [no audible dialogue] [no audible dialogue] [no audible dialogue] - Ah! - [music stops] [intense ominous music] [no audible dialogue] [no audible dialogue] [no audible dialogue] [glass shatters and objects clatter] [objects clattering] [objects clattering] [no audible dialogue] [screams] [glass shatters] [gasps] [exhales in slow motion] - [gasps] - [gasps] [exhales in slow motion] [bullets zipping] [gasps softly] David.
[shell casings clink] [echoing thuds] Shh.
[mysterious music] [bones snapping] [screams and gasps] David! [dramatic music] [soft dramatic music] Kerry.
You okay? - You? - [sighs] - It's gone.
- No.
No! It's not gone.
We've isolated it in your mind.
The monster with the device.
- So leave it on? - Yes, please.
You okay? - Yeah.
- David, we should I really think we should go to my lab.
Tell him, Melanie.
[dramatic music] [helmet hisses] male announcer: Elevator going down.
How do you feel about beat poetry? Deliver my sermon to my soul.
And Jack's soul, too.
And anyone who'll listen.
Jack made a mean martini.
I knew a guy called Jack.
Would you like some eggs? How about tomato? To look at the sunset over the box house hills and cry.
Is that right? Oh, yes.
Where was I? [clears throat] [soft mysterious music] You were never no locomotive sunflower.
You were a sunflower.
[somber string music] - This is delicious.
- Yeah.
- Are you gonna eat your sausage? - Yes.
- What about your potato? - Yes.
I know you're not a fan of mealtime.
Did you wanna I'm good.
All right.
Did you want something? There's some soup.
You left me.
I needed you and you left me.
- Yes.
- announcer: Input error.
Try again.
Input error.
Try again.
Input error.
Try again.
Input error.
Try again.
Input error.
Try again.
Input error.
Try a - [keypad beeping] - [machine clanging] - [liquid pouring] - Excellent choice.
- I'm so - No.
- Sorry.
- No.
Not here.
I should've told you about the man - and being adopted and - The man? They are so But I mean, now I know you weren't sick.
And you had this thing inside of you.
And the powers.
David, you have powers.
I know.
I'm a mutant.
[sighs] A mutant.
But no, I I should've you should've come to live with me.
With Ben, with oh, my God.
- I have to call Ben.
- Amy.
- No.
He'll be so worried.
- Amy, you can't.
They're watching him, Division Three.
- If you call him - An email, a - David.
- I could call from a pay phone.
Just get some rest.
We'll figure this out.
- [door opens] - [screaming] [intense musical flourish] Careful.
Don't don't let it move around too much.
I don't know how stable the connection is.
- Everything okay? - Uh, not really.
I think we should get this thing out of me fast.
I don't think it's too happy.
Come on, David.
Need to get you across to my lab.
[suspenseful music] Did I ever tell you the story of the lady and the crane? Many times, but tell me again.
- [indistinct radio chatter] - [Melanie gasps] [ominous music] David.
You look well.
Love that headband.
I know.
Me, not so good.
Third degree, thank you very much.
Really painful.
We have so much to talk about.
You can kill the others! [guns cocking] [intense ominous music] [muffled scream echoing] [pounding on casket] [muffled screaming] [screaming] [deep voice growls and screams] [overlapping voices screaming] [upbeat rock music] Can I feel you? Can you feel me now? Can I feel you? Can you feel me coming? - Ice breaker - Can you feel me? - Ice breaker - Can you feel me now? - Ice breaker - Can you feel me? Ice breaker Can you feel me coming down? Ice breaker Ice breaker Ice breaker

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