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[indistinct whispering] [bell chimes] Well, we know where we're going But we don't know - Where we've been - [ominous chords] man: And so we ran on [men shouting, gunfire] Into Summerland and the place they said did not exist.
And we know what we're knowing But we can't say what we've seen All the while, wolves were at our heels.
[dogs growling, police radio chatter] Black masks, boots, and the one they called "The Eye.
" [dramatic musical sting] And we're not little children And we know what we want We had come to do the work that must be done to strip ourselves of the fog of life before.
[inhales shakily] The human race is beginning to evolve.
And the future is certain Give us time to work it out - [gasps] - David! [ominous chords] We believe myself and the people here that you are a very powerful telepath.
David! Telekinetic, potentially.
[breathing heavily] Which means you can control matter with your mind.
[objects clattering] Ah The Divisions were created by our government to track and study people like you and Syd.
And the ones they can't control, they kill.
[indistinct radio transmission, dog barks] [distorted yelling] [voices whispering] Are you hearing voices now? - Hey, hey, hey - They're louder here.
So much power, it's making you sick.
I want you to focus on the voices.
That's that's worse.
Trust me.
You're safe here.
Now, close your eyes.
- Focus.
- [distorted whispering] There's a single voice calling your name.
- [overlapping voices, whispers] - Can you hear it? - David? - What are you doing? Can you find it? David? Do it! - David! - Stupid! - You are stupid! - David? Worthless! - David? - Do it.
Do it! [indistinct whispering continues] All right, I want you to concentrate on it.
Now dial out all the other voices.
Imagine there's a big knob, the volume knob, - and just turn it down - David.
Until all you hear is that one voice.
David? [intense musical buildup] David.
That's good, David.
Very good.
That's what we call telepathy.
Get some sleep.
Tomorrow memory work begins.
- You feeling better? - [exhales deeply] Um what does she mean "memory work"? David, your whole life, people have told you you were sick.
What if I told you that's a lie? What if I told you every memory you have of mental illness the voices, hallucination was just your power? And what if I could do more than just tell you? What if I could show you Help you rewrite the story of your life? Do do we have time for that? - Didn't you say Division Three - We'll make time.
You're very important to us, David to me.
I need you clear.
I need you focused.
This is how we do it We look back, we find your powers, we see what triggers them.
But what matters most we make you whole.
[soft music] [child laughs] Amy.
Wait up, Amy! [laughter] Come on, King! - [dog barks] - Come on! [dog barks] [kids chattering, giggling] - [dog barks] - You can see why I said you need to see this for yourself.
We call this "memory work.
" Amy.
Your sister.
What was I, like, eight? How is it Are we, like Are we inside my head? Ptonomy is what we call our memory artist.
That's his gift.
- Can I talk with her? - I mean, you can.
But it's better if you don't.
It changes the memory.
Just take it in for now.
This first time is about accepting that it's real, and then we can focus on work taking you back to those moments in your past when you first felt your so-called illness coming on.
I'll show you that it was really just your gift.
We're gonna make you whole again.
- [dog barks] - Come on, Davy.
Mom said home by 6:00.
Come on, King.
[dog barks] Can I Can we Can we follow them? Pretend we're in a museum the museum of you.
It's your place.
You're the boss.
Where do you want to go? What do you want to see? Feel it all again.
You're back in your body, in the moment.
[chuckles] No, no, no.
Not like this.
- In rows.
- Oh - See? - Okay.
[murmuring] All right.
There we are.
And then take a deep breath.
Now try to see it from the outside.
Find some distance.
- [clock chiming] - Okay.
Stand still.
- Hey, no cheating.
- [giggles] I'm not.
- You're right here.
- That's your mother? Not there.
- Well, I've grown a lot.
- Yeah.
We live in the country.
Upstate, there's no light pollution.
My dad is an astronomer.
He, uh, was.
He He he died last year.
"'To bed, to bed, ' the mother said.
" And they wouldn't let me "'To bed', she said.
The angry boy" - I was still in the hospital.
- "His face turned red.
" "His face turned red" Why can't I see his face? You can.
This is your memory.
All you have to do is look up.
"His face turned red, and with a cry, he chopped her head.
" [ominous music] "'No bed', he said, "and snicker snack, his mom was dead, dead, dead.
" [loud thud] [rumbling] [rumbling, wood creaking, objects clattering] [groaning] Ahh, no! [distorted voices] [gasps] No.
I can't.
- Hey.
- I can't No.
Hey, no.
It's okay.
It's not real.
They're just memories.
I felt the same way the first time.
Yeah? Okay.
Slow down.
You see these things, you're back there, all these feelings I did it, too.
- How do I get out of here? - David, it's all right.
How do I get I just want to Sleep.
[tense music] [indistinct whispering] [intense musical buildup] And we both know who that angry boy was.
- We do? - David.
Me? Very good.
That's, um [clears throat] I'm not sure that's [whispers] Quiet! I'm talking.
- You seem twitchy today.
- No.
This This is me normal.
Everything okay at home? Your girlfriend? She's We don't I don't want to talk about it, okay? God! I'm not an easy guy to [exhales] She left.
I She wanted to, and lightning, you know? Like [clears throat] Do you have any gum or, like, a lozenge or, like, liquid or something? My mouth The break up of a relationship can be very disruptive for someone with your condition, David.
Are you sleeping? At night, you mean? Uh yeah.
No, I'm fine.
The vapor and, I mean pfft.
It's not like I mean, maybe she'll come back.
I think.
It's kind of our dynamic, you know? And we talked about how that's not healthy.
High-stress, the push-pull.
What did you mean, "the vapor"? - The what? - You said "the vapor.
" No, I was just repeating something the the voices said.
I see.
Well, as I said, this dynamic always fighting and making up it's not good for your condition, David.
You need a more settled environment.
I will work on that.
[dark, edgy music] Hey! All good in the head now? What what is this? Thought you might be hungry.
I could whip us up some whatever eggs.
The Greek? So is this, like, my stove, or Eh, some girl I finger-banged took a real shine to me.
She had, like, all these menus on her fridge, you know? So I figured that she could probably live without stewing any more ragout or whatever.
- David.
- [overlapping whispering voices] - David.
- [voices whispering] David.
[electronic chime] [indistinct chatter] Hey.
It's cool.
Drink this.
It's milk.
It helps.
[low background chatter] First time is always the worst in memory work.
Your girlfriend threw up.
She's in with Melanie doing talk work.
That's the deal you do memory work with me, you got to do talk work with Dr.
Bird, figure out what it all means.
Melanie thinks you're the key.
What? The key to what? Winning the war.
And other things.
Vacon's Advanced Time Travel class has been canceled.
She called you a "memory artist"? Melanie.
You That was all you? That is weirdly impressive.
My pops had a crap memory.
Artillery shell in the war.
Went deaf in one ear.
[static whirs, squeals] Then he was never good with facts - and, like, dates and stuff.
- [static whirs] Used to[snaps fingers] snap his fingers at me when he forgot my name which is funny, 'cause I remember everything.
What do you mean "everything"? Like, I remember my birth before, even, the womb.
You know how loud the heartbeat is? Imagine you could remember being inside your mother's body, warm and blind, and then just this intense pressure, and suddenly [snaps fingers] Light.
Tell me about the book.
- [electronic chime] - What book? "The World's Angriest Boy in the World.
" Oh.
I I-I don't know.
I don't remember, not really.
Mm, your memories seem clear to me.
Was that really Did your parents really read that at bedtime? Because that would be [scoffs] That's messed up.
I don't want to talk about it.
[static whirs softly] Mm.
I don't either.
That's not my deal.
I'm the memory guy, not the talk guy.
Take your time getting up.
Like I said, first time's a bitch.
The Earth is the only planet in our solar system not named after a god.
[police radio chatter] [radio chatter continues] [intense percussive music] Hi.
I don't know how this is helping the memory work.
Yeah, yeah.
I thought that too.
When I got here, all I wanted was to get you.
What did it matter if my mommy was mean to me or what I saw when I was you.
I still don't really understand it.
There was a flash.
That's all I remember.
We changed places, and everything in the dayroom was so loud.
[voices echoing] People yelling.
[overlapping shouting] And the lights.
Drums in my head.
I've never felt that way before.
And something else.
[whispering voices, demonic laughter] Something That's when it happened.
[dark music] [muffled screaming] David, I think I killed your friend.
[intense musical sting] I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's not your fault.
Don't give a newbie a bazooka Bazooka and act surprised when she blows shit up.
What? Nothing.
I just Well, they heard it when I used your power.
Melanie and the others they heard it, and they came.
And Division Three came because they heard it too.
[mellow pop playing on radio] They thought they found you Turn around and smile But it was really me.
And someday Someday, baby Surprise? I [pops lips] I want to hug you.
You can't.
We could hold hands.
- Can I be honest? - Mm-hmm.
It's really uncomfortable for me.
Even with the gloves.
- Oh.
- There's this feeling, the closer I get to someone It's like being covered with ants, these little anxious needles under my skin.
Sometimes it's all I can do not to scream.
Well, we wouldn't want that.
Don't be.
[soft piano music] We're having a romance of the mind.
I like that.
All right, Mr.
Haller, try not to sneeze.
Why would I sneeze? [beep, machine humming] Well, for example.
Move, basically.
[beeping] - It - [power-up thrum] It jumbles the scan.
Uh onion.
No, "onion.
" - Santa.
- Are you talking to me? Uh, no, I'm not.
Ah No, you don't play like this.
Shh! I talk to myself sometimes, too.
Well, not myself.
The the voices.
You're supposed to ignore them, but sometimes Also, don't talk.
On the list of things not to do talk.
Oh, like sneeze? Do you have to sneeze? No.
Just For the record, I wasn't talking to myself.
I was talking to Kerry.
Wait, I thought I thought your name was Cary.
- Yes, it is.
- So you're talking to Cary, just not the Cary - that happens to be yourself? - Correct.
You have an extremely large amygdala.
Thank you.
Deep breath.
Try to think of something or or someone you [clicking] Love.
[soft thrumming] Is he okay? [children chattering] [giggling] He gets back into town on Thursday.
[indistinct whispering] I think he's gonna propose.
[whispering continues] David.
[snaps fingers] Oh, that's Good job.
"Good job"? No, I that's great.
I'm I'm I'm happy for you.
You're sweet, but I mean, I don't know for sure.
Men, right? [breathes deeply] But who knows? Maybe you and Philly - Yeah - [giggles] I know she's nice, though you know? I think she she gets you.
[dog's bark echoes] [soft piano notes] No, that's that's that's dumb.
- I'm That's not gonna - Well Why can't you have what what everyone else has a nice home, a family? Because I'm sick.
[distant chattering voices] [dog barks] [drumming, dog barks] [pop, object shatters, drumming continues] Ah The point of a stove being what? - [dog barks] - Like its function? - [pop, object shatters] - To me.
I look like a guy who needs a stove? You know how in baseball they say [voice distorts] "So-and-so's a utility player.
" [muffled] The stove is the utility player of the modern home.
You know, you can cook with it - [muffled bark] - You can heat a room with it.
- You can read by it.
- [overlapping whispers] Some of your finer poets even knocked themselves off [normal voice] With the old head-in-the-oven scenario.
You saying I should kill myself? Dude.
Look, I don't, um, care what you do with it.
I'm just trying to trade a kitchen range for some drugs.
That's all.
- We could go by weight or - [overlapping whispering] [overlapping voices increase] [intense buildup] Kid.
Mazel tov.
[panting and chuckling] - Why is it blue? - [chuckles] It's always blue.
Well, yeah.
[distorted trilling] [whispering] Hey, we should, um you know that doctor that you see? Does he have any good You've been to his place, right? Is it, like, fancy? - Who? Dr.
Poole? - Yeah.
His, um I'm asking 'cause I was thinking maybe, - like, one night, you know - [whispers continue] When he's not there, we could, like, slip in and 'Cause that could be I'm asking.
It's got great score potential, you know? And I'm saying, like, action movie, "one last job and I'm out" type of thing, you know? - Lenny.
- What? [coughs] [dark music] [dark, quirky music] Red leather, yellow leather.
Red leather, yellow leather.
Red leather, yellow leather.
[dramatic musical sting] Freeze.
What just happened? Nothing.
Your reaction to Lenny just then what were you seeing? When you looked at her, what did you see? Nothing.
I We were high, okay? I-I see things, okay? It's not real.
It's my brain.
That's the old narrative, son the schizophrenic delusions.
You're not schizophrenic.
You have powers.
The things you see are real.
Like I showed you with the voices.
Which reminds me, I'd like to go back to something else.
I'm talking.
You seem twitchy today.
This is me normal.
Everything okay at home? Your girlfriend? We don't I'm not an easy guy to - She left.
- Pfff Philly.
I She wanted to, and lightning, you know? Freeze.
What happened there? I-I don't know.
Maybe my You saw it? There was a glitch, a time jump.
David, it's very important that you remember everything.
I am.
I do.
I will.
I just Maybe I was distracted? No.
Even if you were focused on something else, the surrounding memory should be intact.
It's okay to be confused.
- Whew.
- We'll find the truth together.
Take us back.
[high-pitched rewind sound] She left.
I She wanted to, and then something happened, and [loud rumbling] Lightning, you know? Do do you have any gum, or, like, a Wait.
There was a flash.
Did you see that? You were in a kitchen maybe six years ago.
You were using your powers? I don't know.
I didn't see anything like that.
Concentrate! Try and focus on where you went just now.
An apartment.
There was some kind of an incident.
- I'm sorry.
- [whispers] It's okay.
Just make your mind blank, and I'll get us there.
[blade clinks, loud rumbling] [rumbling fades] What happened? I don't know.
I couldn't [warbling noises] [loud rushing] He's too strong.
It's not me.
I-I didn't - David, you have to trust us.
- I do.
I told you.
[door slams] - [rumbling] - David [rumbling, clattering] David.
[objects clanging] [rumbling, clattering continue] [intense musical sting] [mysterious music] David.
David! - What? - I said, "How are you?" Oh.
[laughs] Um [clears throat] I'm fine.
It's you know - It's a lot to take in.
- I know.
I was worried.
What was it in the memory? Melanie won't tell me.
Uh [stammers] It was just kid stuff.
It's okay, though, that I brought you here? Hmm? Yeah, of cour Are you kidding? Look at this place.
It's beautiful.
You think we're safe here? Right now.
But I know they're looking for us to experiment on or But I'll protect you.
What? Huh? No, you said I thought you Never mind.
- No, what? - No, nothing.
I ju Did you just think In your head, did you think, "I'll protect you"? - No.
I don't know.
- Sorry.
I'm I'm not listening.
I just I can't control it yet.
Well, learn, 'cause not everything is No.
I know.
Just You are cute, though.
[laughs] David.
[both laughing] You're moving again.
- I told you not to.
- [machine humming] I'm sorry.
It's just How much longer? A couple of Let's Uh We're just trying to figure out where all your memories are stored.
Trying to map the network.
[thunk, machinery humming] Now think about what happened next.
And this sense you have, of seeing another world out of the corner of your eye, when did that start? Uh, maybe 10 or 11.
One last job, and we're out.
It's kind of hard to, um you know.
It's like trying to make a list - people yelling in your ear.
- Big score potential.
The the pills I prescribed should help with that.
They do.
It's always blue.
You're not supplementing, are you? What do you mean? Last time, you used the word "vapor.
" I looked it up.
There's a new drug No.
I don't.
The pills the prescription.
I'm clean.
- 10 or 11.
- Hmm? You said the visions started.
What do you remember most about those years? Uh, well Andromeda Cassiopeia [wind chime ringing] Bootes, Canis Major, Lupus, uh [mysterious music] Telescopium.
In the sky.
- My dad was, uh - [whispering voices] My father was a He studied the, uh the stars.
- An astronomer.
- Yes.
And he used to wake me up in the the middle of the and, uh we'd drive out in his truck to, uh, the [emotional music] And I'd I'd look up at the lights in the sky, and They'd talk to me.
- The stars? - Which was And I thought they talked to everybody.
And I told my dad, and he said at first he said, "They talk to me, too," but he meant it like a metaphor.
And what did the stars say? [whispering voices] [hinges squeak quietly] [whispering continues] [voices whispering] No, that's [ominous chords, distorted voices] I'm not I'm not I'm not supposed to talk about it.
This is a safe place, David.
Nothing can hurt you here.
[tense music] No, I'm I'm fine.
Just, um [rumbling, clattering] Wait.
We should, uh Let's talk about something else, okay? Uh [tense music] What did you say that article was about? A new, uh, drug or something? [whispering voices] It's just a closet, David.
Nothing to worry about.
[distorted voices] [soft crunching] [door slams, echoes loudly] - [breathing heavily] - Hmm? You see? Nothing to worry about.
[silence] So Why don't you tell me what the stars said? [woman whispers] David.
What? I didn't say anything.
No, it was It sounded like a woman.
I didn't did you say something? No.
She says she didn't say anything.
- Who? - Kerry.
I thought your name was Look, can we Are [sighs] Are we done? 'Cause I-I got to We're almost done, all right? David, where are you? Amy? - David.
- [distorted whispers] [overlapping voices] - I told you.
- You are stupid.
As I said on the phone, we've never had a David Haller at this facility.
Well, that's just crazy.
We don't use that word here.
I don't know what other word to use.
Haller, if your brother was here He was.
Then there would be a record.
Look, I don't know anything about your records.
I've been to this hospital a hundred times.
I've been visiting him for years.
Do you understand? I-I sat in that room.
I met with his doctor.
This "Kissinger" you mentioned Yes! Dr.
Douglas Dennis Kissinger.
He worked with David for nearly two years, and they were making progress real progress.
Oh, let me guess.
You don't have any record of him either.
Perhaps you have us confused with another facility.
[tense music] Is someone putting you up to this? Are you being coerced? Ms.
Haller, I'm beginning to wonder if we shouldn't admit you for observation.
- What? - Tell me, have you ever seen a psychiatrist for paranoid delusions? Amy? [intense musical buildup] Amy! - [muffled radio chatter] - David? Amy! [Amy whimpers] Aah! Amy! David, what what just happened? - What? - Your brain just lit up.
There's all kinds of neural activity.
I've never seen anything like this, really.
It's That wasn't a memory.
I just I just heard my sister.
Oh, uh Hey, don't move.
What? I got don't move.
I'll be right back.
Did you did you leave? Hello? Hello? [power surges and whirs] Hello? [whispers] Shit.
[static whirring] [thudding] [children laughing] [low snarling] [ominous tones] - [clunk] - Oh, come on! Okay.
I am I'm done with this shit.
[bestial roaring] [ominous musical sting] [growling continues] [crunching, growling] [edgy music] [demonic laughter] [shouts] [static crackling] [rumbling, scattered conversations] - Check it out.
- Look! Oh, my God! - Look at this.
- Come on.
- Oh! - Do you see this? - Come on! - Come over here.
[overlapping excited chatter] [electricity whirring] [dark music] David Haller.
- As I said - [suspenseful music] [vapor hissing] They have her.
Division Three.
They probably do.
You can't help her.
[police radio chatter] I have to go.
[edgy percussive music] [indistinct chatter] [ambient music] - [elevator chimes] - Elevator going up.
[exhales] Descending.
- You're leaving.
- Just for a day or two.
Is it me? Because of me? We can hold hands.
I want to.
Syd[sighs] I was in the machine the MRI and I saw Amy.
You saw your sister in the MRI machine? No, she I-I found her.
I heard her.
She's looking for me, and I think they found her Division Three.
She's in trouble.
I don't I can't just It it it's jumbled up.
There is something wrong with me, I know, but I cannot just leave her.
Stay! Do the work.
[sighs] Not long, just enough to learn what you can do, what we can do, together.
Then we can rescue her like we rescued you.
Do the work.
[sighs] Well, how do I know they won't kill her? Because she's bait.
[somber instrumentals] Down.
[tinkling notes] [door opens, closes] [footsteps approach] [case thuds down] [latches clicking, rustling] [clunk] [eerie shrill violin notes] [latches clanking loudly] [intense percussive music] [shrill violin notes] Shall we begin? [Thomas Dolby's "Hyperactive"] - Mm! - Tell me about your childhood.
Oh At the tender age of three I was hooked to a machine Just to keep my mouth from spouting junk Ha! Must have took me for a fool 'Cause they chucked me out of school 'Cause the teacher knew I had the funk But tonight I'm on the edge Better shut me in the fridge 'Cause I'm burning up, ha I'm burning up With the vision in my brain And the music in my veins And the dirty rhythm in my blood They are messing with my heart And they're messing with my heart And they're messing with my heart Won't stop messing with my Ripping me apart Hyperactive when I'm small Hyperactive, now I'm tall Hyperactive as the day is long Hyperactive in my bones Hyperactive in your phones Hyperactive and the night is young

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