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Evidently on Legion You can't make me talk.
Where is she? Switch.
Sh-She's on the airship.
Life-forms detected.
Syd, I'm gonna change the past.
- No! - None of this will happen.
We all get a do-over.
If we do this, the monsters will come and they won't stop.
We'll be quick.
One change, one small change, and then everything will be different.
The time door's still open.
I need to get in there.
How long? Days? Weeks? I am coming back.
David? I found someone.
Like me.
I'm not alone.
Ticket? You should never have come.
E-E-Excuse me? I said, "Welcome to Morocco.
" But you never want to land on three wheels.
- Madam, sir, taxi? - Thank you.
Right this way.
Uh, excuse me, is there a? I need a taxi.
Sir! Is that? S-Sorry are you here for me? Sir, an honor.
I'm-I'm sorry.
I-I wasn't expecting a-a welcome.
Um, - I'm-I'm sorry, who are you? - I am a subject.
A subject? And my king is most excited to meet you.
Thank you.
He is a remarkable being.
It's said he had no parents, that the country itself birthed him from the mud.
He knew I was coming.
It's all he's been talking about.
How much farther? Is it normal to feel dizzy? I keep wondering, if we go to the future, will they grow back? What is doing that? What is doing that? Evolution.
I've got the power to move through time, but my body's not strong enough.
I promise I just need this one thing and I will never ask for anything again.
Wha? Why is it doing that? What is doing that? Time's becoming unstable.
We should go back.
No, I have to find my family.
Wait! Aah, David! No.
No, no, no, no.
Look at you.
Such sad face.
You decide what is real and what is not.
Your will.
He's waiting.
He's waiting.
Charles! My friend, welcome! Welcome! Come, come! Oh, Charles.
I'm Amahl Farouk, and this is Habiba.
She's shy.
Oh, tell me, how did you like your portrait? I made it myself.
You're an artist, too, yes? The ease of your lines betrays an intense discipline.
I-I dabble in the arts.
Oh, amongst other things.
You're a scientist, soldier, father.
You know my family? Little David? Beautiful Gabrielle? How could I not? Your every particle practically sings about them.
Ah, you must have so many questions, but first You're hungry.
We shall have dinner.
Come, come! So, David's here? He should be.
We followed them.
- Cary? - We should be careful.
He could attack at any time.
Did you do this? Did we m-move your doors? No.
But you see them, yeah? I'm not crazy? You're not crazy.
I have to go.
What do we do? They're insane, you know.
All of them? The way their brain works.
They have no logic.
If they see something, it exists, and then when it's gone You know, it's not crazy babies that worry me.
It's the men they become.
Like a fire, falling in love with a fire.
We try to smother them, put them out, but they just burn us up.
It bothers you, because you think you matter.
That people matter.
What's the point of living if not? Have you ever seen a mass grave? All people, with names, with families now just a pile.
What's the meaning of that? But you're here.
You have a child.
All animals fight to live.
Whether they want to or not.
- It's okay.
- I'm sorry.
I made a mistake.
I'm not supposed to be here.
Oh, my beautiful boy, my David.
What did you say? Mommy's got you.
These children, they're all Mute.
A tragedy.
How did they come to be here? They were orphaned, adrift.
And when I became the king of the underworld, I I opened my palace to them.
I mean, how could I not? - That's very noble of you.
- Oh It's not nobility, it's decency.
Poor creature.
Let them enjoy their games.
You and I, we have more important issues to discuss.
Where? It's remarkable, isn't it? A vast other-dimensional realm unbound by anything but one's imagination.
I call it the astral plane.
Don't tell me you have never been.
Powers like yours and you don't even realize it.
Feel it.
This place.
It exists between time and space.
A land of the mind.
Anything you can imagine, you can make it real.
You see? You have the power to create reality itself.
I have been lonely, Charles.
For a very long time.
As have you.
Uh, I'm not lonely, just, um Alone, yes? For a very long time, I thought myself unwell.
I walked the streets as if mad, ranting and raving.
But I grew.
I flourished.
And then you reached out.
You saw me.
And in return I saw you.
What a privilege it is to see and be seen.
Farouk Uh, Amahl.
Please, call me Amahl.
- Amahl.
- Yes? How did you come to be what you are now? Oh, come, come.
After dinner, entertainment! The children love this.
They call me the Shadow King.
You should never have come.
Behold, the king of lies.
David! Please.
Please, you have to help me.
I was a king.
A king, you hear.
I was a king! Don't be afraid.
I'm here to help.
I'm here to help.
Dreaming? I had that same feeling for 30 years.
You know who I am? Yes, you do.
Open your mind.
- No.
It's - Don't say it out loud.
We're very exposed.
What do you? We're safe here.
This is your mind.
We w-we're inside your m-mind.
We need someplace private to talk.
He hears everything Farouk.
Y-You know him? Eat this.
What, what is it? Knowledge.
My son.
He wanted you to come.
You thought you were looking for him, but he was looking for you.
What's that? Not now.
Listen to me.
Tomorrow he attacks, and you fight Farouk in the astral plane your power against his and you think you win.
But all that happens is, you kick him out of his body - and into mine.
- S-So we leave.
Now, we go home.
Your mother, she's waiting No, he won't let you.
It's a trap.
You're in a trap.
But this time you have the advantage.
I do? You have me.
I've got you, old man.
You rest.
You're telling me that David is a baby? In this time, yes.
- And that woman - Gabrielle.
- is his mother? - Mm-hmm.
And we are not going to kill this whatever, baby David.
Which would be so easy.
Physically, not morally.
Because why? Because he's a baby.
It's not his fault.
But it will be his fault when he's a grown-up.
Maybe, probably.
But we're changing time.
Right? By being here.
So maybe not.
Remember how I told you about Oliver and Melanie, how they raised me? I remember you saying that, yeah.
And I know it sounds crazy, even to me, but they taught me, there are some people that you can save and some that you can't.
David, adult David, we can't save him.
He's too far gone.
But a baby? This baby? Him, we can save.
Even though he's gonna be the exact same person.
Even though he's gonna be the exact same person.
But he's not yet.
Look, this wasn't my choice.
Any of it.
But we're here.
We could just walk away.
It's about change.
And all of the terrible things that he did to me.
So I'm gonna stay.
You don't have to.
Yes, I do.
- Good morning.
- Charles.
How was your sleep? Did you hear the thunder last night? Magnificent.
Who is this? This is David.
An old friend.
He was stationed here in Morocco during the war and well, he decided to stick around.
And when he heard I was visiting What can I say? I love a free meal.
Heck of a place you got here.
That it is.
Sit, sit.
Any friend of Charles is a friend of mine.
Mmm, it really is quite delicious.
Moroccan food.
So, David, where were you stationed? Mohammedia.
Just outside Rabat.
Came in with Operation Torch, like the rest of the meddling Americans.
Hmm? But the locals like me.
Guess it's my winning smile.
You should never have come.
I apologize.
If you'll excuse me, I have to make myself decent.
Please, please enjoy.
We have him rattled.
I knew it.
I knew it.
I'm the unexpected element.
- I'm - David.
How did we get here? Oh, not now.
I'm too close.
But we were just in the dining room.
It's time.
The enemy Switch wake up.
I need you.
David, who is this girl? Not here.
- Who is she? - She's No one.
She's a means of getting here.
Of reaching you.
Everyone is someone, David.
What, what is happening? What are you not telling me? Nothing, just we need to focus.
Killing Farouk.
A plan.
David, why are you here? I showed you.
- He ruins me.
- Well, maybe we can talk to him.
Stop it.
Stop it.
I said Stop.
David? Daddy, is that you? David? Nope, sorry.
David isn't here right now.
He had to go someplace quiet.
We're in charge now.
- You know what we have to do.
- No.
- Revenge.
- No, justice.
Right, justice.
We're here for justice.
Because you couldn't protect us.
- Me? - Daddy.
The leaver.
The great abandoner.
Who put a monster in our head and then threw us away.
- David.
- Daddy.
- David, wake up.
- Daddy.
Wake up! Daddy? Daddy.
- Daddy.
- Daddy.
- Daddy.
- Daddy.
- Daddy.
- Daddy.
- Daddy.
- Daddy.
- Daddy.
- Daddy.
- Daddy.
- Daddy.
Daddy! Charles, come home.
Come home.
So, is he a good baby? David? He, uh He cries a lot, like he knows something.
What could he know? Me.
People talk about having a second childhood.
What they mean is they feel young again.
But I've had two actual childhoods.
Meaning I was a baby twice.
I grew up twice.
The first time I ran, and then I walked.
This time I crawled, I walked I felt safe.
That's all he wants to feel safe.
That's all he wants to feel safe.
My grandmother had the sickness.
She was, uh Spells, moods, she spoke in tongues.
I remember her eyes.
Miserable and giddy, like a happy death.
My mother was 16 when the sickness hit her.
In the witching hour, she woke up laughing.
Didn't stop for 14 days.
You're talking about mental illness.
Such a clinical name for something so raw.
Like an animal with its heart on the outside.
It's so odd.
I never thought of that.
It's hereditary, what's wrong with him.
Why he's like this.
Who? Listen to me.
This baby, this little baby.
You have to love him.
Okay? Like his life depends on it.
Like the world will end if you don't.
Hold him and love him.
Don't let the monsters in.
Because when he's grown, it will be too late.
Hey, look at me.
We all have our role to play in this war we're fighting, good against evil.
There is no good stronger than mother's love.
Do you understand? I think so.
Are you really here? No.
No, no.
Is it normal? What? Time.
I heard something.
Cary, wake up.
Wake up! I don't feel good.
That's because you have a concussion and a punctured lung.
Did we find David? Kind of.
Wh-What does that mean? We have to go.
We found David, but he's a baby and we have to protect him, because I don't know.
Baby? Kerry Kerry! Kerry! It's okay.
It's okay.
We need to get out of this house.
Eat this.
What, what is it? Knowledge.
David, wake up.
We need to finish Farouk.
Daddy left us again.
He doesn't want our help.
- Daddy won't get in our way.
- Now's our chance.
- He can't.
- We can't stay here any longer.
Okay, it's time.
Can you make them stop screaming? Wait, w-wait, y-you can talk? They're all inside of me.
I can't sleep.
Who? Every tyrant has his supporters.
Please, you have to help me.
I was a king! Help us! Release us! He was our king! David.
You're right, it's my fault.
I've been naive.
You were just a baby to me.
I'm supposed to have time to to know this, how to how to be a father.
But now See, I came here for friendship.
Because I've been to war, David.
I've seen what people do.
But this Farouk, he he's a monster.
The only way to stop him is to kill him.
How? He's too powerful for just you.
That's why he slipped away before.
But now there's two of us.
Together we'll crush him.
What a journey I have had.

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