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I'm going after him.
I'm going after him.
Maybe he doesn't know Go on.
the difference between things real and not real, right and wrong.
I'm going after him.
He doesn't know the difference I'm going after him.
He's a good person.
I'm going after him.
Because of what I just said? Because love is what we have to save if we're gonna save the world.
I'm just not sure that's what he's doing.
It's okay.
Don't be scared.
There you go.
There you go.
There you go.
Syd? Syd? Syd? Syd! Have you heard the one where the definition of "crazy" is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? Where are we? You know what made me think of that? Men.
Are the others here? - Fukyama? - Greatest threat to our gender since time began.
Yet here we are.
Addicted to this delusion: love.
We must be underground.
I fell a long way.
You're not listening.
I get it.
Oliver left and you're pissed.
But that's not what's happening to me.
And honestly I'm kind of sick of talking about it.
We need to get out of here.
You know, the praying mantis has the right idea.
Fornicate, then eat their heads.
I mean really, what do we need men for? Well, except their sperm.
Melanie come on.
Just let me show you something.
Come here.
Syd? Is that right now? Syd! He doesn't love you.
What did you say? Oh oh, I mean, I'm sure he loves you the way a boy loves his mommy or a dog loves a bone, but, uh what he really loves what they all love is that feeling of power knowing you've been chosen by God.
That you're special.
That you have a destiny.
No piece of ass can ever compete with that.
I'm in hell.
- This is hell.
- Look.
Just promise me if you get lost, we get lost together.
- How are you - You know, they say you can't convince someone they're wrong simply by giving them the facts.
But a good story will do it every time.
So I'm gonna tell you a story.
Once upon a time there was a little boy.
A very special little boy.
And he had a gift and a curse.
What do you think his curse was? Some someone put a monster in his head.
No, silly.
The monster was the gift.
His curse was he's insane.
That was Was what? The devil on his shoulder? Sure.
You can make someone do what they don't want to do but there's no force on Earth that makes you enjoy it.
- There.
- Ah You see it? His true face.
The one he hides.
Would you like to swing on a star Carry moonbeams home in a jar And be better off than you are Or would you rather be a pig? There you are.
- Have you always been this slow? - Where is she? Chill, baby.
There's no boo-hoo here.
I just thought we could talk in private.
Ah! Ah, the hair! The hair! Careful, daddy-o.
Don't hurt the vessel It's not his fault.
Shut up.
I am done listening to you.
Just tell me what you did with Syd, and I promise, I'll kill you quick.
You're not making any sense.
How can you kill me? I'm part of you.
Stop it! I know something you don't know.
Where is she? Remember you asked for it.
You know what she told me? Syd? "Love won't save us.
It's what we have to save.
" And you know what makes us hard enough to do it? All the pain and the damage, everything you did to me.
The scar tissue.
All your nightmares, every symptom, the lies you made me tell, the drugs I did.
That's my armor, baby.
I'm the lunatic you turned me into.
And I'm ready for my revenge.
Tell me.
Tell me where she is.
Oh Tell me.
Tell me.
Look at him.
Your man.
The things he'll do to a friend.
Tell me.
That's not It's a trick.
It's Farouk.
You think that matters? The victim? Look at him.
His true face.
Now you tell me, who's the monster? Hey, what are we doing here? Hello.
Excuse me.
Um, do you know where a girl could find a monastery? Cool.
Tell me.
Tell me! No! I'm gonna be sick.
It doesn't bother you? Seeing him there like that? It's not him.
My Oliver.
That's just a mask.
You don't seem like you.
I've changed.
My eyes are clear now.
There's something else you should see.
How are you doing this? Showing me these things.
You know about her, don't you? The other woman.
The other you.
In the future, the other me.
Yeah, I know.
Do you know the things David does with her? Could we say good-bye? He didn't tell you.
It's not a big deal.
It's me.
Why would I Why should I let that bother me? But it does.
Did he tell you what she asked him to do? Help Farouk find his body.
Did he tell you why? No.
He says he doesn't know.
Do you believe him? Do you want to know? I need you to stop the world from ending.
And who will end the world? Tiny humans with their bombs? World War Three? No.
Stop it.
For centuries, everyone said Amahl Farouk is the villain.
And now you're telling me that the opposite is true.
That the villain is a hero.
And the hero is the villain? - I don't understand.
- Yes, you do.
You just don't want to admit it.
You're saying what, that he David The greatest monsters are the ones in human clothes.
- How - How does he turn? I don't know.
All I know is he does, into something magnificent, something terrible.
Legion, the world killer.
You don't know that.
The future's not written.
Oh, Sydney.
Look at him.
He has too much power.
All his life he's been tricked and abused.
His head filled with voices.
He's seen things, horrible things, things no child should never see.
So he lied and he stole and he ruined everything.
And he wore his madness like a coat.
And then he hanged himself because he saw what he becomes.
And then, when his life was truly over he spent five years in a mental hospital.
He's a good He's a good person.
He's a psychopath.
And do you want to know how I know? Because the same man who did this You promise? No secrets.
No secrets.
did this and this Hey, sexy.
and this.
He wears a human face.
It was here, and now it's on the move.
She's close.
Find her.
Ah Ah Ah.
For the last time, where is she? She's with Farouk.
I'm sorry.
He made me.
Where are they? Oliver, please.
Is he in his body? Does he have her? Is she alive? Please! I have to know.
It's not your fault.
This is their power, the mind readers.
They read our minds and then they show us what we want to see.
We can't trust them.
You have to trust yourself.
The person you've become in the future.
You've seen what he becomes.
Your man.
But it doesn't have to happen.
- We can - What? Change him? The man who beats his woman, does he ever really change? A serial killer.
The pathological liar.
It's not a choice.
It's who he is.
And we have to stop him.
We need the highest point, facing east.
And fast, we're running out of time.
Go, now.
Kill the weak.
We'll be leaving soon.
You give up yet? No! Thanks.
No problem.
You should probably go get him.
Are you gonna? No, I'm supposed to wait here.
For what? The big payback.
Hey, I can walk you don't need to treat me like Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear Oh oh.
It's-it's-it's it's on the ceiling.
Oh Oh, M-N.
Magnesium Oliver.
He's not dead.
He should be, but he's not.
Wha What happened? I tortured him.
Farouk Gone.
In another body now, maybe even his own.
I got your message.
The car, the gun They're here, with Lenny.
But Clark's coming, too, and he's bringing something.
The Choke.
It's a dampener.
What does it dampen? Us.
Our powers.
Something to do with the frequency when you ring it.
None of our powers work.
- So you - When we ring that bell, we're all just men for a few minutes.
Well, I hate to but there's a minotaur in the maze, and it's hunting us.
- So we should - He did this to me.
The Shadow King.
It's You don't have to worry.
I think Oliver's okay.
That's not what worries me.
See, I'm sitting here thinking about how I'm gonna kill him.
My parasite.
All the different ways.
And what worries me is how good it feels.
Cary? Cary? Found you.
That's one for me.
I have to stop him.
Farouk? No.
He's the monster now.
Maybe he always was.
I got this.
I need to hit something.
Ah! Hola, friend.
Can we help? Conflict imminent.
Chance of victory: zero percent.
He brought the Choke.
My clever boy.
To bed, to bed, the mother said.
To bed, she said.
The Angry Boy, his face turned red.
His face turned red.
And with a cry he chopped her head.

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