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She's ours.
["THE CASTLE" BY THE FLAMING LIPS PLAYING] Her eyes Were butterflies Her smile was a rainbow Her hair Was sunbeam waves Shining 'round like a halo Her face Was a fairy tale That has a poison apple Syd.
No way Syd.
So he's back.
This morning.
- He looks good.
- Hmm.
Oh, they always do.
Our men, with all their in, out.
In, out.
All their important things to do.
"World's not gonna save itself, dear.
" And off they go.
A day.
A month.
A year.
Admiral Fukyama asked if you're ready to get back to work.
- We need you.
- It's how they control us.
Their absence [CLEARS THROAT] distracts us from our lives, the things that matter.
I'm not sure what you're trying It's never their fault.
Our men.
And God forbid we should have a feeling about it.
Mmm, what choice do they have? Destiny calls.
[KETTLE WHISTLING] What kind of bitches would we be to stand in their way? [WHISTLING CONTINUES] [WHISTLING STOPS] Do you know what the saddest words are in the English language? "Vacant lot.
" Don't know why.
Vacant lot.
OLIVER: My Bonnie lies over the ocean My Bonnie lies over the sea My Bonnie lies over the ocean So bring back my Bonnie to me.
Well, that's most uninviting.
Get up.
Sugarplum, I-I must confess bewilderment.
- This isn't you.
- How would you know? Where'd you go this time? This quality of light.
Remember that rooftop in Bombay? It's called Mumbai now.
One of many changes since you've been gone.
Holding each other tight.
Stars above.
A whispered dream.
You left me.
I always come back to the girl I left behind.
She's gone.
She's not.
[GASPS] I was worried.
When you came back If you you came back.
All those years.
Did they make me unrecognizable? What are years? Just trips around the sun.
And go where? To find the monk.
Remember? Le moine qui garde.
Have you seen him? The monk of the Mi-Go order.
Is he here? At Division 3? He alone knows where the body's hidden.
I remember now.
The monk.
- [SHUDDERS] - [BEEP] Hmm.
You should have burned it.
How's th how's that? If you had, I wouldn't have been stuck in that hard ice cube.
You see, I'm still tied to my corporeal form.
But if you just burned me Burned you.
I could have danced through a cosmic field of multidimensions with no outer limits to speak of.
Would've been beautiful.
Well, what about me? Us? You could have tagged along, to the beyond, where the real action happens.
Tagged along.
Is that the wrong word? Followed.
Yes, followed.
[SCOFFS] There was a time when you'd follow me anywhere.
Yes, there was.
And where did that get me? Things they've changed between us, haven't they? Yes.
They have.
]: New symptom alert: a growing sense of outrage.
[ANNOUNCEMENT CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY] Seriously, Melanie, when are you coming back to work? Did you ever wonder if all of this is just a dream? What? Life.
The world.
I mean, h-how do I know that you're even real? - How do you? - [SCOFFS] I'm real.
How do you know? 'Cause when I hit people, they fall down.
Cause and effect.
Um, e-except that maybe they're not real either.
Maybe all of this is just a fantasy in his head.
Whose head? Cary.
Your-your other half.
I mean, think about it.
You might not even be here right now.
Y-You're just his fantasy.
You know, as if, you know, um deep down, he is yearning to be a strong, sensual young woman.
And-and I'm saying that-that you're his delusion.
Okay, I'm gonna go.
You're clearly having a senior moment.
No, no, wait, but-but Or, or h-he Maybe he's your fantasy.
Your fantasy, your desire for authority, and that the Cary you think you know doesn't exist.
Maybe he's your delusion.
Get real.
[WHISPERS]: Get real.
Get real.
You know, reality is a choice.
Who said that? Someone.
Stop talking weird.
You're saying a lot of words that don't make sense.
You know, I was I was married once.
[SNIFFS] Yeah, to Oliver.
I met him.
You did? Wasn't he handsome? For 21 years, he lived in an ice cube.
- Doesn't that sound nice? - No.
Oh, I think it sounds wonderful.
An ice cube built for two.
We should go back there.
I told him that.
And then he said, "But what about the world?" And that's-that's when it hit me.
All these years, I'd been so focused on saving the world that I overlooked the most crucial fact of all.
You're gonna make me ask.
What is it? There is no world to save.
It's all in my head.
What was? Are we supposed to? Put the weapon in the car, drive the car.
Where? [FINGERS SNAPPING] The Blue Octopus.
How are we seeing that? This won't hurt.
An implant.
When I saw David in the hall, he put these images in my - Our.
- head.
Why? I think he has a plan.
Keep an eye out.
[WHISPERING]: Hurry up.
So, now all we need is a blue KERRY: I'll drive.
CARY: Since when did you learn to drive? How hard can it be? [STARTS ENGINE] [TIRES SCREECH] WOMAN [OVER P.
]: New symptom alert.
Have you always crossed like this? Tell your mental monitor at once.
Have you been this way all the time? Or were you always trying To get you with me? You used to check the weather Now you stopped that You used to look at time Now you stopped that You used to wear red Now you wear white What happens all the time It happens all the time Replace the word space with a drink and forget it Space - Buenas tardes, bitches! - [COUGHING] Grab a calculator And fix yourself Grab a calculator and fix yourself Read the news, baby [LAUGHS] Watch your clock, baby Watch your clock Watch the weather, baby, on TV It's all to get if you can see [MAN COUGHING] Are you the new Barbara? No, I'm the new Janine.
Who's Janine? She was the new Barbara.
What happened to her? She turned into a ladybug and flew away.
I'm Lenny, by the way.
The Cornflake Girl.
- [LAUGHS] - I like your eyes.
They're new.
No way.
- No way.
- Way.
Wake up, hopheads.
The queen is back.
Our lady of the frosted breakfast cereal.
She's the original Cracker Jack! She's the toy and the treat.
It's Lenny uh, something.
Ta-da! Oh, we should have a party.
[LAUGHS] I think you're already having one.
No, like a real party.
You know? You down? Yeah.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, I, I, I, I, I'm gonna I'm gonna kick 'em out Yeah! Well, I feel pretty good, and I guess That I could get crazy now, baby 'Cause we all got in tune And when the dressing room got hazy now, baby I know how you want it, child Hot, quick and tight The girls can't stand it when you're doin' it right Let me up on the stand And let me kick out the jam Yes, kick out the jams I have to kick 'em out! Yes, I'm starting to sweat You know my shirt's all wet What a feeling In the sound that abounds And resounds and rebounds off the ceiling You got to have it, baby, you can't do without When you get that feeling, you got to sock 'em out Put that mic in my hand And let me kick out the jam Yes, kick out the jams I have to kick 'em out [AMY LAUGHING] So you got to give it up You know you can't get enough, Miss Mackenzie - Mackenzie - 'Cause it gets in your brain It drives you insane, leapin' frenzy The wailin' guitars, girl, the crash of the drums Make you.
[SONG ENDS] Is this how you did it? [GASPS] - With David? - Shit.
Did you scare him in his sleep? I'm, uh [CHUCKLES] not sure, exactly.
I was more like a Halloween mask.
Sorry about - Yeah? - It's a nice body.
Much healthier than the one I had.
[LAUGHS] Are you? Is this just gonna happen now or? You could just give me my body back.
Yeah, I don't know how to do that.
Does it help to say it's not my fault? No.
Well, I'll tell you what, sister.
If you're gonna hang with me, you're gonna see a lot of nasty shit.
What I did to, well, new Janine there is a kid's birthday party compared to the Caligula shit I've got planned.
'Cause it's been straight up years since I've let loose, between the hospital and So you know, strap in.
Or you could just walk away, you know.
Rest in peace.
Might be better in the long run.
Are you a good person? [CHUCKLES] You're kidding, right? Are you a good person? [SCOFFS] I am not the worst.
Are you a good person? Not the best.
Are you a good person? What difference does it make? - I don't matter, okay? - Are you a good person? - Shut up.
- Are you a good person? - Shut up.
- Are you a good person? - Stop it.
- Are you a good person? Shut up! Your Majesty? Who are you talking to? Nobody.
I was just I was just practicing my monologue for the school play.
- I did a play once.
- Really? I was waiting for somebody.
The whole play, all we did was wait.
Did he ever show up? No, ma'am.
- CARY: Ooh - KERRY: Now what? CARY: Put the case in the trunk.
- KERRY: And then? - CARY: We go.
- [EXHALES SHARPLY] - This plan sucks.
There is a weapon in there that we could use - to seriously mess somebody up.
- That is not our job! We're just supposed to deliver it.
To who? I don't know.
We have to trust David.
I don't want to.
- I know.
- It's a stupid plan.
Look, it's okay.
Look, we head back to the lab, and then who knows? Maybe he'll contact us again.
["MON ENFANCE" BY JACQUES BREL PLAYING] Are you thirsty? I'm thirsty.
What? [MAN SINGING IN FRENCH] Think about it, we We understand life backwards, but it's got to be lived forwards.
JANINE: Ain't that the truth.
No, no, it's a quote.
Who said it? - You? - No, originally.
Ah, forget it.
Only, don't ever.
But I kept my distance.
Where was it? - When? - Where? Wait, did you say octopus? Ah, I was thinking ocelot.
Bad dream? [GASPS] [CHUCKLES] You know, man, when you walk with the Lord, the Lord walks with you.
In all my dreams, for as long as I can remember, I was never myself.
Now I'm only myself in dreams.
Isn't that funny? [CHUCKLES] [SIGHS] I'm sorry.
Really, - I am.
- [MUFFLED SCREAM] AMY: No, you're not.
[GROANS] What do you want from me? You need to do what you're told.
By who? By me.
He's waiting.
He needs you.
For what? I-I don't understand.
The electric octopus.
You've seen it, too? It's My guess is Helsinki.
Or Stockholm.
Which-which one is in Switzerland? Are you prepared to do whatever it takes? For David? Yeah.
You love him.
Don't be stupid.
Like the flower loves the bee.
He really needs me? What about what's her name? Ms.
She can't do what you can do.
[SNAPS FINGERS] Amen, sister.
[LAUGHS] Lenore.
If he needs me, I'll Whatever.
I'm just on the R and R right now.
- You know? - Lenore.
What? Neither Helsinki or Stockholm are in Switzerland.
JANINE: Your Majesty? We're going to have a little prince.
They have cream soda? Uh, it's unlikely.
What is it? Nothing.
Well, I'm worried about Melanie.
She's not herself these days.
An impostor? N-No, I just mean she's feeling blue.
Like the color? N-No.
Sad or-or melancholy.
Then why did you say "blue"? Eh, because it's a figure of speech, like having too much time on your hands or-or no.
Anyway, we're getting off track.
Maybe with Melanie it's a symptom of being alone.
She's surrounded by people.
True, but a person in a crowd can still feel alone.
But they're not.
And yet they are.
I am gonna die.
- What? - Someday.
I'm getting old.
And then you'll be alone like, like Melanie.
You're not gonna die.
No? I would stab Death twice in the heart before he could get you.
While an implausible and, um rather gruesome image it is a comforting one, nonetheless.
Is that? It appears so.
Uh [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Is anybody out there? [RADIO STATIONS CHANGING RAPIDLY] Paranoia, they destroy ya Excuse me Hello? Self-destroyer - Wreck your health.
- LENNY: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! [MUSIC STOPS] Well, shit.
No, that's okay.
I put a tracking device on the weapon.
We can follow it.
[BEEPING] Paranoia They destroy ya And it goes like this.
Yes, he's here.
He talked to her.
OLIVER: Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure.
You should have heard it.
[WHIRRING] Th-The yelling you could hear it all over the building.
If he's real, which which he isn't, but, you know, if he is And I think you've crushed him.
I really do.
Uh, what do you think he wants? Some kind of plan.
Pluck out your eyes.
Hi-His eyes.
There was a letter for her.
The-the girl.
He wrote a letter, but he But he left alone.
He's coming alone.
Yes, I'm sure.
I-If I exist then with certainty.
Oh, I want to come, too.
Promise? Just one one more thing.
Violence why does it always end in violence? [GRUNTS] [THUNDER RUMBLING] [MELANIE GRUNTS] [THUNDER CRACKING] [SIGHS]

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