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"Chapter 12" is the fourth episode of the second season of Legion, and the twelfth overall episode. [1]


David faces multiple tests.


The members of Division 3 wake up, free from the infection. All except David and Syd who remain catatonic. Examining them, Cary determines that they are not infected with the Catalyst.

Inside Syd's mind, David relives some of her unhappy childhood memories. These include a distant mother who did not touch her; being attacked by girls bullying her while she was in the body of a boy who forcibly kissed her; self-harming herself. David believes that Syd is trying to tell him something but gets it wrong every time he tries to guess.

Syd shows him a memory of having sex with her mother's boyfriend while in her mother's body. During the act, she reverts to her original body. The boyfriend was subsequently arrested. Syd finally gets her message across; love won't save them, but pain gives them the strength to fight for love.

Syd and David finally awaken to find that Lenny Busker is being brought into Division 3, having been restored to her physical body by Amahl Farouk.

Cast and characters

Main Cast

Guest Starring

  • Lily Rabe as Joan Barrett


  • Pearl Amanda Dickson as Teen Syd
  • Violet Hicks as Young Syd
  • Audrey Lynn as 6 Year Old Syd
  • Dave Baez as Isaac
  • Spencer Ward as Jason
  • Curtis Webster as Doctor
  • Chloe Ernsberger as Singing Girl #1
  • Victoria Clarke as Singing Girl #2
  • Lola Raie as Singing Girl #3
  • Holly Hawkins as Cheerful Woman
  • Lily Keene as Mean Girl #1
  • Jena Allen as Mean Girl #2
  • Emily Hoffman as Mean Girl #3


  • The book Syd is reading as a teenager is "The Ring of Brightest Angels Around Heaven", by Rick Moody, a collection of stories about loneliness.
  • Egon Schiele, whose work is shown in the gallery that Syd and David keep returning to, influenced "Legion" comics co-creator Bill Sienkiewicz.

Episode Transcript

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