So much power. It wears a human face. Be careful. A human face.
— Brubaker to Sydney and Ptonomy

Brubaker is a senior agent of Division 3.



Brubaker is a high ranking member of Division 3 and was originally in charge of David Haller's case.

Abducting David

Brubaker sent Walter to abduct David and bring him to the pool facility. He then had Clark and Walter interrogate David about Sydney's whereabouts and what had happened at Clockworks.

Brubaker wants to terminate David for fear of another incident like Red Hook. However, Clark persuades him to let the interrogation continue as David might just be the most powerful mutant they've ever seen. Brubaker allows Clark to continue but if David made any move they would end him.

Abducting Amy and Kissinger

After David's escape with the assistance of Summerland's mutants, Brubaker goes after those close to David. Taking Dr. Kissinger and then sending Walter to take Amy, Brubaker uses them as bait to lure David out of hiding.

Walter and Brubaker interrogate Amy, who repeats she knows nothing, then then torture her with leeches and keep her in a cell with flashing lights and sounds. David astral projects himself into the room where this is occurring and sees it. Pressured by the need to help his sister, David teams up with Amahl Farouk to save her. The Shadow King, now in control of David, enters the Division 3 compound and kills everyone inside, save for his sister and Dr. Kissinger.

A while later Sydney and Ptonomy are exploring the gruesome remains of the compound and find Brubaker half phased into the floor. As he dies he warns Sydney and Ptonomy that they were wrong about David and to fear him, he also tells them that David took Amy.



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