I'm just trying to trade a kitchen range for some drugs.
— Benny to The Greek[src]

Benny was one of David Haller's friends before he was sent to Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital.


After David graduated high school, he attended college for some time before being expelled. Afterwards, he had a rough time, but attempted to push through with the help of his girlfriend, Philly, and his friend, Benny. Unlike Philly, Benny encouraged the more violent side of David. Benny was a pusher and often committed petty thefts in order to buy a drug called Vapor from The Greek.

Benny even pressured David into stealing drugs from Dr. Henry Poole. In committing the robbery, David severely beat up Dr. Poole. The following day Philly walked in on Benny and David using drugs, which led to David and her having a fight.  This led David to being admitted to Clockworks.

Amahl Farouk, a parasitic mutant entity residing within David's mind, altered David's memories of his time with Benny so that he believed Benny was in fact a woman named Lenny Busker.



  • Kirby Morrow, the actor who portrayed Benny, also had a role in another X-Men TV series. He voiced Cyclops in the animated show X-Men: Evolution.
  • In "Chapter 2", the wall Lenny is sitting in front of has the face of Benny.


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